Isekai Vacation! Top Anime Worlds to Visit

With the real world still in the grips of COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, any actual vacations should be best spent at home but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! Don’t go chasing Truck-kun or jumping into wells or anything but today we’re showcasing our picks for the best worlds we’d like to be isekai’d into for vacation purposes. As silly as this all sounds (and is) we’ll be ranking these worlds from isekai anime based on their general variety and quality of fun, number of interesting places to go to, and general pleasantness and safety, assuming that it’s basically just you without some new overpowered protagonist powers. Let’s get this anime grand tour started!

5. The Cat Returns: Neko Paradise!

Kono-subarashii-sekai-ni-shukufuku-o-wallpaper-1-700x495 Isekai Vacation! Top Anime Worlds to Visit

Okay, so this first pick is heavily reliant on your love of cats but if you do like cats this is 1000% the right place to go! The beautiful world of the Kingdom of Cats not only has the trappings of your typical idyllic medieval fantasy land with castles, shining towers, and lush fields dotted with cute cat-shaped statues but also an entire world full of talking cats of every sort from princes to servants and the mysterious Baron Humbert von Gikkingen’s Cat Bureau. Perhaps you’ll follow in Haru’s footsteps on your own journey of self-discovery—or simply enjoy the amazing fluffy meme potential all around you—but in any case, this world has got to be the cat’s pajamas of isekai vacation locations.

4. The Boy and the Beast, and you?!

In a similar vein, we have one of Mamoru Hosada’s most imaginative settings, the fantastic beast kingdom of Jutengai. This world is equal parts cool Japan and wacky anime animal people, which would definitely be the main attraction! That being said, the picturesque world and architecture in The Boy and the Beast, which seems to take some inspiration from Mediterranean cities with some fantasy trappings, demand attention as well! Imagine the fun of exploring the expansive open-air markets full of exotic foods and goods. It would also make for an amazing package to see the best of both worlds with Tokyo and Jutengai together!

3. Digimon: Digital Vacay

Real world got you down? Go digital! With an entire world to see it’s hard to pick one single place but File Island is probably the series most iconic with some amazing locations like the majestic Gear Savannah, crystal clear waters of Dragon's Eye Lake, and more offbeat locales like Beetle Land and Ancient Dino Region. Plus there are hundreds of digimon to meet of course to make the adventure even more exciting! We’re dying to try out what Tanemon is growing at the Meat Farm as well!

2. InuYasha: A Feudal Getaway

Fantasy feudal Japan? Sign us up! Obviously there are some safety concerns in a world full of demons but in a post-Shikon Jewel world, hopefully things have calmed down a bit. Bodyguards might still be recommended but in any case, the world of InuYasha would let you explore the splendid buildings, culture, and unspoiled nature of Sengoku Japan in a way like no other, not to mention meeting all sorts of interesting characters demons and otherwise to make your own feudal fairy tale! Viewing Toga's tomb from a distance while listening to Fukai Mori simply sounds glorious!

1. KonoSuba - A Blessed Holiday to This Wonderful World! -

Going back to a more traditional, but no less exciting, fantasy isekai world we have the aptly described “wonderful world” of KonoSuba! As an over-the-top comedy series, the Kingdom of Belzerg and its colorful creatures and characters offer up a chance for tons of wacky experiences from giant toad encounters to the excitement of millions of flying cabbages. Hanging out in the tavern, or the succubus cafe if you’re into that, offer further possibilities for adventurers to find fun in this loopy land. Definitely be on the lookout for Aqua’s famous party tricks as well!

Final Thoughts

Ready to pack your bags? Although it’s all just fantasy, we hope you enjoyed this little exercise in world-hopping hypotheticals! Let us know your own picks for isekai worlds you’d like to vacation in the comments section below and be sure to stick around Honey’s for more of all things awesome, anime and otherwise! Until next time, we hope you enjoy your summer safely and with gusto! See ya~

Kono-subarashii-sekai-ni-shukufuku-o-wallpaper-1-700x495 Isekai Vacation! Top Anime Worlds to Visit


Author: Oskar O.K. Strom

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