Top 10 Vacation Spots on the Grand Line (One Piece)

It’s that time of the year again. As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, some of us could probably use a pick-me-up. Seasonal depression is a thing, y’all, and winter weather isn’t exactly bright and cheery. With the Pandemic and climate change disasters, travel hasn’t been possible for many of us, so we at Honey’s Anime decided that it’s time to live vicariously!

From the peak of Reverse Mountain at the Red Port across Paradise and under the Red Line into the New World, the Straw Hats have traversed the majority of the Grand Line over the course of 1,000 episodes (we’re really milking that fact aren’t we? ). From exotic forests to vast deserts, if you’ve been daydreaming about a vacation, any vacation, odds are they’ve visited the ideal spot for you. So while the weather outside gets frightful, lose yourself in the Top 10 Vacation Spots on the Grand Line!

10. Little Garden

For all of you itching to get out of the house, our first vacation pick is quite literally the opposite of being cooped up at home. Embrace your survival instincts, grab a tent and some essentials, and get lost in the pre-historic wilderness of Little Garden! Camping is always a fun holiday and those of us with bolder tastes (and we mean bold) are well suited for this holiday destination. Little Garden is an island where time has slowed down. The heavy jungle air and dense vegetation make it a somewhat difficult environment, but it’s perfect if you feel like roughing it and reconnecting with nature. If you’re more into fauna than flora, then all you animal lovers, and especially you Jurassic Park lovers, are in for a real treat. Yes, there are dinosaurs, and yes, they’re very cool.

So if this Man vs Wild: Land Before Time Edition gets your adrenaline pumping, then set up camp on Little Garden! Just beware of the stifling and dense jungle weather, the thriving and potentially fatal illnesses, and the carnivorous and humongous local wildlife (did we mention the dinosaurs?). Oh, and the volcano that erupts every hour.

9. Arabasta

Desert Moons, Desert Sunsets, Desert Sunrises… what we’re trying to say is that deserts are vast, mystical, beautiful, and that you should definitely think about the desert as an option for your next holiday! Sandy Island is calling, so let’s look at Arabasta.

One of the largest islands in Paradise, this summer island has a lot of places for you to check out. In capital city Alubarna you can explore historical monuments like the Poneglyph, the Tomb of Kings, the Palace, and the Clock Tower. If you want something more luxe, head over to thriving Rainbase for some fine-dining and gambling at the casinos. If shopping is a must, then enjoy port-town Nanohana and the vast variety of cultures and goods—given its reputation as centre of trade—and definitely pick up a bottle of its famous specialty perfume! If danger and adventure are more suited to your tastes, then head into the desert for some sand sledding. Arabasta has a lot to offer, and now that Crocodile’s gone there’s nothing stopping you from getting ready for some sun, sand, and more sand!

8. Skypeia

Have you always wondered what it’s like to literally walk on clouds? If so, take a trip up the Knock Up Stream and head to Sky Island! Located 10,000 meters above the sea, Skypeia is a wonderfully unique take on the ‘island paradise.’ Surrounded by the cloudy White-White Sea, the gentle, kind-hearted people of Skypeia live on fluffy island clouds. So whether you want to relax on Angel Island and wander around the market on Lovely Street, or explore the ruins on Upper Yard, or even check out their newer attractions; an amusement park with a mascot bearing a striking resemblance to Usopp, and the Pumpkin Cafe where everything is served in pumpkins, you’ll be seeing a whole new world. We think Skypeia is definitely worth your time, just make sure you don’t dive too deep into the White-White Sea and make your return trip the hard way!

If you do decide to make the trip, be sure to pick up a souvenir. We suggest getting a dial (patent pending). Dials are special shells that come in a vast variety, each variation having a specific characteristic. Skypeain technology uses dials and adapts them into tools for both everyday use and combat! There are jet dials for travel, impact dials that recycle energy into blunt force, flame dials that make fire… The possibilities are endless, so you’re sure to find one that suits you best!

7. Amazon Lily

Ladies, for your next girl’s trip consider heading to the Island of Women, specifically to the Empire of Amazon Lily. We’re kind of cheating on this one since it’s technically adjacent to the Grand Line (it’s in the Calm Belt), but hear us out! The Calm Belt is uncharted territory, what with the small issues of Sea Kings and no winds or currents (psshh, no biggie!). So a holiday on one of its few, known islands can’t not be a must-try vacation destination. Given how difficult to reach Amazon Lily is, you may be thinking twice. However, doesn’t a secluded island getaway sound fabulous in this hyper-connected day and age? With no currents and no wind, you get great weather year-round and no interruptions unless REALLY necessary. The No Man rule also makes it the perfect location for an uninterrupted girl’s trip or some restful space for those who’re coupled up. Moreover, this holiday destination is perfect for yet another kind of trip: self-actualisation. Amazon Lily is an island paradise full of strong, empowered women living in harmonious bliss. If you’re stuck in a rut, then get over there and Eat, Pray, Love your way to a better, stronger you! So, girls’ trip anyone? Too bad the only way you’ll make it there, is if Boa Hancock deems you worthy.

6. Water 7

If you prefer a concrete jungle over the leafier variety, then Water 7 may be more your speed. A beautiful, complex metropolis built over the bones of a sunken city, Water 7 is a maze of canals and waterways reminiscent of Venice. You know, if Venice was more technological, industrial marvel than historical Renaissance culture-hub. A place renowned for industrial construction and ship-building, Water 7 is a rather pleasing mix of the classical and the futuristic. From its Venetian character, such as the Mediterranean architecture and canals, to innovative technology like the Aqua Elevator, Sea-Train, and volcano-esque fountain city-plan; Water 7 is a mixed bag and we’re sure you’ll have a blast discovering the intricacies of the city.

So if you’re a fan of gondolas as well as mind-blowing construction, then saddle up your Bull and get going! Just make sure you don’t visit during the Aqua Laguna.

5. Sabaody Archipelago

The final stop in Paradise, the Sabaody Archipelago. Made up of the massive Yarukiman Mangrove forest growing right out of the sea by the Red Line, the Sabaody Archipelago isn’t made up of islands at all. In fact, the mangroves are so massive, the trees themselves have become the “islands” on which people live. These individual trees are called Groves and there are 79 of them, each serving as a separate island. Connected by way of bridges fixed at the aerial roots of the Groves, there’s plenty of ground to cover and as such, plenty to keep you entertained. There’s the shopping district for you to splurge at and the amusement park district, aka Sabaody Park, for some family-friendly fun. Since the island is a hotspot for pirate activity, given that it’s the last island before the Gate to New World, you may think twice but, worry not! There’s even a Marine base to help keep the rowdiness to a minimum.

If you decide to check out Sabaody Archipelago, your trip isn’t complete without experiencing the joys of the bubbles that the sap of the trees creates. From helmets to modes of transport and even amusement park attractions, these bubbles are the most unique part of the Sabaody experience, and so are the ill-tempered Celestial Dragons, but we recommend avoiding them!

4. Fish-Man Island

At one point or another, we’ve all wondered what a vacation underwater would look like. 10,000 meters under the sea at the bottom of a trench under the Red Line, you can live out your deep-sea dreams at the gate between Paradise and New World: Fish-Man Island. Surrounded by a massive, double-layered bubble floating above the seafloor, Fish-Man Island seems to have the best of both worlds. Half-submerged in the water and half in the air, it can be home to Merfolk, Fish-Men, and Humans. So what’s stopping you from checking it out?

From giant shells to colourful coral, Fish-Man Island is as beautiful as it is unique. And this unique design allows for some unique experiences. So when visiting Fish-Man Island, be sure to check out their Mermaid Café and the pride of their island, Fish-Man Dojo where one can take lessons in specialised karate. The Sunlight Tree Eve that illuminates the island is also a must-see attraction, not to mention the gate to New World. With so much to see, no wonder we’re excited to be part of this world!

3. Zou

Located atop the back of a massive wandering elephant, we have no. 3 of our Top 10 Vacation Spots. Zou is an island formed on the back of Zunesha, an elephant that has been wandering the Grand Line for over 1,000 years. Home to the Mink Tribe of the Mokomo Dukedom, Zou is a weird, remote, hard-to-access getaway, which makes us want to visit even more! We guarantee Zou is like no place you’ve seen before. The ground is made up of the folds of Zunesha’s skin, making it difficult to traverse. There are strange, scaly, leaf-like plants growing all over, and twice a day Zunesha sprays water on its back, washing away those who don’t take cover in time. If this “eruption rain” isn’t a deterrent for you, then, by all means, get ready for one of our more adventurous spots. From the Road Poneglyph in the Sacred Whale forest to Kurau city with its amazing aqueducts to the mysterious Deep Dark Swamp and the Mink tribe residence in Right Flank Forest, Zou is more natural than urban (though there are towns with saloons and restaurants); so for anyone looking to unplug and enjoy the greenery, why not do that on the back of a wandering elephant? How cool is that ?!

2. Totto Land Archipelago

For all you foodies out there, the perfect vacation may be one that indulges both your mind and your appetite. If eating your way through your holiday sounds like the perfect plan of action, then we’ve got the perfect place! Pack your bags and head on over to the Totto Land Archipelago!

Made up of 35 islands each having its own unique scrumptious theme, Big Mom’s Totto Land Archipelago is any foodie’s paradise, especially if you have a snacking habit. There’s Whole Cake Island made up mostly of, well, cake; Cacao Island, where all the architecture is made of chocolate (Willy Wonka’s got nothing on Big Mom); Potato Island, where there are french fries and chips for days; and Cheese Island where all the structures are modelled after various cheese and dairy-related products. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s an island for 100% real juice and smoothies, an island for jam, for jelly, for candy, for tea, and literally any other treat, sweet or savoury. Even the pickiest of eaters won’t be able to resist! So get ready to pack on those holiday pounds and head to the Totto Land Archipelago! Just keep your reflexes handy and get out of Big Mom’s way when she’s hangry!

1. Laugh Tale

And finally, because all of us One Piece stans are adventurers at heart (even if not in body), it’s only fitting that our No. 1 vacation spot would be the legendary island where the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger discovered legendary pirate Joy Boy’s legendary treasure, One Piece.

Not much is known about the mysterious island at the very end of the Grand Line, yet plenty is conjectured. Figures of mythic proportion in pirate lore, directions carved on ancient steles that contain the most well-kept secrets of history, and a treasure of such unimaginable value that it would literally make you Pirate King. If that doesn’t light a fire for exploration in you, we don’t know what will! So grab a log pose and head towards uncharted territory to hunt for some treasure, as any pirate worth their salt would want to do!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! That’s a wrap on our list of Top 10 Vacation Spots. From Paradise to the New World, we’ve got you covered. So pack your metaphorical bags and set sail down the Grand Line to your perfect holiday destination because, this winter pandemic season, living vicariously is the only thing on the agenda! If all this list has done is ignite the adventurer within, then hitch a ride on the Thousand Sunny and visit your favourite Grand Line vacation spot with the Straw Hats. So let’s [virtually] get away because, this year, escapism is a thing!

Which Grand Line hot spot would you like to vacation at? Do you prefer snowy peaks or balmy beaches? Do you prefer an action-packed itinerary or is a relaxing getaway more your speed? Have we tempted you to jump back into One Piece? Let us know in the comments below!

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