It Is What It Is – Sex Ed 120% Vol. 1 [Manga]

It Is What It Is
  • Mangaka : Kikiki Tataki, Hotomura
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Comedy, School
  • Published : May 2021

For some weird reason, sex education is still frowned upon by many in this day and age. Anything about sex is often construed as vulgar and indecent, when in fact most of the population already learns of it one way or another, mostly through the internet and pornography. That in itself is harmful, especially for the younger generation who are only starting their sexual journey. The internet is a sea of knowledge, but waddling and sifting through that knowledge can get a bit difficult. That’s when false interpretation, false expectations, and mistakes happen. That’s why we are delighted to know that series like Sex Ed 120% exists.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Sex Ed 120% focuses on Naoko Tsuji, an unorthodox health teacher in an all-girls school. Tsuji has earned the moniker “Queen of sex talks” during her middle school years. Basking in that glory, she embraced the title and has tread the path of sexual education, which brings us to the present. Despite multiple warnings and being chewed out by her colleagues and even boss, she still adamantly passes her sexual education to her students. But before anything else, the series is nothing sexual.

Why You Should Read Sex Ed 120%

1. Highly Educational

If the sex part is the only thing that caught your attention, then zip up. This series doesn’t contain any erotic sexual content. However, it is highly informative and educational. The series doesn’t use education as a cover to offer erotic content. In fact, we, ourselves, have learned something new. Prior to reading this series, we have never heard of dental dams. But, warn you, that if explict content turns you red that you might not want to look that one up. On that note, the series doesn’t go too deep. Even though it offers new knowledge, it barely scrapes the tip of the iceberg that is sex education. The good thing is that we’re still only on the first volume. Hopefully, the next volume gives us more water from the fountain of knowledge.

2. Entertaining But Relatable

Unlike other educational series wherein a whole bulk of information is dumped the reader’s brain, Sex Ed 120% tackles one thing at a time. The way it presents information is similar to Cells at Work!. However, Sex Ed 120% uses real students and their possible sexual encounters and dilemmas as example instead of humanized cells. Because the presented situations are set within a school setting, it’s easy to relate to the characters and it’s pretty enjoyable to read. After all, we, at one point, are in that same position.

Why You Should Skip Sex Ed 120%

1. No Plot

Even though the series has multiple characters with their own individual quirks, it doesn’t follow a linear plot. This kind of format isn’t really new, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. However, some might be expecting some sort of story, so we take upon ourselves to shut down your expectations. But if you liked series like Azumanga Daioh, Doraemon, and almost any gag manga and have no qualms with the format, then you might enjoy Sex Ed 120% too.

Final Thoughts

What we find interesting about Sex Ed 120% is that it’s a done deal. We already have our expectations set just by reading the title. Better yet is that it delivers and lives up to our expectations. We’ve read our fair share of educational manga, and while they are indeed educational, they turn out rather boring. Sex Ed 120%, on the other hand, is a very entertaining read.

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