It’s More Than a Love Quadrangle Here! Ao no Flag (Blue Flag)

Life is a series of choices
  • Mangaka :  KAITO
  • Publisher : VIZ Media
  • Genre : Romance, School, Shounen
  • Published : April 2020 – Ongoing

Ao no Flag (Blue Flag) Introduction (No Spoilers)

High school senior year is one of those points in life where everyone will have to choose how to pursue their dreams. The story begins when Taichi Ichinose is assigned to the same class Futaba Kuze a girl whom he just can't seem to get along with. Taichi's, however, is also lucky to be in the same class as his popular childhood friend Touma Mita. One day, Futaba requested Taichi’s help to get her closer to her secret crush Touma. A whirlwind of emotions is created by these three youths as they navigate love and potential heartbreak in their senior year of high school.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

This manga reflects on the problems each character holds emotionally when it comes to their various hang-ups. The artwork is somewhere between classic and modern styles. KAITO skill also comes through when it comes to creating the characters’ facial expressions to depict the wide range of waxing and waning emotion of adolescence.

Why You Should Read Ao no Flag (Blue Flag)?

1. Realistic

One of the good things about this manga is that the mangaka created a story of how each character feels towards their inferiority complex, interests, and preferences. With their unique complex, every character always thinks they should raise their standards for the sake of others, which is true to a certain extent. How many of us have raised our game because of the people around us and especially those we are interested in romanticly.

2. Romance

We all remember the web of relationships we had to navigate in high school and apparently so does KAITO. Blue Flag starts with the normal romance that you expect in every other manga, boy meets girl, boy and girl dance around their feelings, and someone eventually confesses. The story in this case slowly progresses to another layer of romance after romance by adding more characters into the mix, because… why not?

3. Artwork

KAITO is a master at hitting us in the feels with their art. The character designs and the environment fell immersive. We read some pages where the characters’ cute expressions just melt your heart evoking empathy and a need to support them in their ordeal.

Final Thoughts

The first volume of this manga has just been released and we can’t wait to see how the story progresses. If you’re interested in complicated romance situations such as a love quadrangle, give this manga a try. Who is your favorite character in volume 1?

Ao-no-Flag-manga-300x423 It’s More Than a Love Quadrangle Here! Ao no Flag (Blue Flag)


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