Nihon Chinbotsu 2020 (Japan Sinks 2020)

Japan-Sinks-2020-Netflix Nihon Chinbotsu 2020 (Japan Sinks 2020)

Japan-Sinks-2020-Netflix Nihon Chinbotsu 2020 (Japan Sinks 2020)

Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

Drama, Sci-Fi

Airing Date:
July 9th 2020

Science SARU / Netflix

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"Japan is sinking, and yet, people believe..."
In the year 2020, a sudden and devastating earthquake strikes the ordinary and peaceful life in Japan.
In the middle of a terrible chaos, Ayumu and Gou, a brother and sister from an ordinary family living in Tokyo, try to escape with their parents from the city while the earthquake continues relentlessly and the Japanese islands start to fall one by one, hour by hour. The tragic event forces them to make a difficult choice between life and death and separates them from each other. By confronting this absurd reality, Ayumu and Gou learn to survive in harsh circumstances while fighting for their future.

Characters & Voice Actors

Ayumu Mutou: Reina Ueda

A 14-year-old girl who is running for the Olympics.
Go Mutou: Tomo Muranaka

Ayumu's younger brother, a boy who develops social relationships through online games.
Mari Mutou: Yuko Sasaki

A former swimmer and a mother who is always positive, no matter how hard the situation is.
Kouichiro Mutou: Masaki Terasoma

A strong, smart, and trustworthy father.
Haruo Koga: Hiroyuki Yoshino

A 17-year-old fatherless boy and the only son of the Koga family who lives next to the Mutou family. He was the ace of the track-and-field club and an inspiration for Ayumu, but after a slump, he quit the club and became a recluse. His hobby is collecting records.
Nanami Miura: Nanako Mori

A 26-year-old single woman whose main hobby is martial arts. She works as a personal trainer and also in an osteopathic clinic. She lives in the same neighborhood as the Mutou family and idolizes Ayumu as if it were her older sister.
Kaito: Kensho Ono

He is an 18-year-old Youtuber with over 7 million subscribers to his channel. He travels to unexplored and dangerous places around the world and uploads aerial videos taken from his paramotor. He is a free spirit, an optimist, and a self-confident person.
Kunio Hikita: Umeji Sasaki

A 78-year-old man and owner of a supermarket in the suburbs. He lives alone in a single house behind the supermarket. He is a stubborn and taciturn old man, but also an expert archer who won a national archery competition when he was a student.

Other TitleJapan Sinks 2020
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”a life" by Taeko Onuki
Japan Sinks 2020 (Nihon Chinbotsu 2020) (novel)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Sakyou Komatsu
  • Director: Masaaki Yuasa
  • Music: Kensuke Ushio

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