Jashin-chan Dropkick (Dropkick on My Devil!!) to Get TV Anime Adaptation

What You Need to Know:

  • An official website and Twitter account have been opened for a new upcoming anime, Jashin-chan Dropkick aka Dropkick on My Devil!!.
  • The story follows a devil from the underworld, aka Jashin-chan, who one day suddenly gets summoned into the human world by university student Yurine. The two end up having to live together until either Yurine works out how to send Jashin-chan back, or Jashin-chan kills Yurine so she can return home.
  • The TV anime is set to start airing in summer 2018. We'll be back with more information once it's released!

Source: Official Website

honeys anime character
Apparently it's a violent slapstick? I can get on board with that!

honeys anime character
Two girls living together... An inter-species relationship develops... Yes, good...