Just a Bunch of Fun – Kirby Manga Mania Vol. 1 [Manga]

Just a Bunch of Fun
  • Mangaka : Hirokazu Hikawa
  • Publisher : VIZ Media
  • Genre : Comedy, Fantasy
  • Published : June 2021

Our favorite pink blob is returning this June. VIZ Media brings us our idol and pop icon as he causes more ruckus, eats more food, and just does what he does best. Kirby is one of the characters we are very jealous of as a kid and even as we grow up. When we were kids, we quite envied his interesting copying ability. After all, he can change to just about anything. But as we grow up, our envy turns to Kirby’s almighty digestion prowess. Even though he literally inhales anything and everything, it never affected his weight. Just who wouldn’t be jealous of that, right?

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Kirby has graced us with its presence for decades through games, manga, anime, and a bunch of other merch. Kirby Manga Mania is the author’s best picks amongst Kirby’s 25 volume career. Not only that, there are also some additional contents like author notes and yonkoma strips. As per usual, Kirby causes his old arch-frenemy King Dedede the biggest headaches he can afford. And hey, there’s also the first new Kirby chapter Hikawa-sensei drew after a whopping eleven years.

Why You Should Read Kirby

1. Best Of the Best

As we’ve stated above, Kirby Manga Mania Vol. 1 is the first volume of the best of the best Kirby adventures. Kirby has had a long run throughout the decades. Even though we loved each and every one of its chapters, it’s undeniable that some stand out among the rest. Reading Kirby Manga Mania is basically like eating all the strawberries in a strawberry shortcake. It’s getting all of the best with some additional goodness, so it’s needless to say that it’s one great read.

2. Hilarity Ensues

Kirby is known for being outrageous. Well, King Dedede will definitely agree to that. What’s interesting about Kirby, however, is that he’s extremely adorable. Despite all of his mishaps and the trouble that he’s caused, we still can’t bring ourselves to hate him. After all, he always does it in a very funny way. Plus, it’s always King Dedede who takes the brunt of his attacks anyway. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t wish King Dedede any harm, but the dude is just extremely dexterous.

3. Great Ol’ Kirby

Despite its long run, Kirby remains to be Kirby. That means he’s still the painfully cute pink blob that knows how to annoy King Dedede in all possible ways. Kirby has been consistent throughout the years, and he still hasn’t changed for Kirby Manga Mania. The whole volume showcases the typical Kirby manga formula. It all starts by introducing the chapter’s topic, then continues with Kirby doing some sort of gimmick. Finally, the chapter ends with something quite unexpected, but mostly hilarious.

Final Thoughts

Kirby has been a huge part of our entertainment as we grew up. From games, to manga, to anime, and whatnot, we’ve adored Kirby in literally all forms and sizes. Reading Kirby Manga Mania gives us a pleasant trip throughout the ages, all the while making the corners of our lips hurting from excessive smiling.

Hoshi-No-Kirby-Dedede-De-Pupupu-Na-Monogatari-Dedede-Hen-manga Just a Bunch of Fun – Kirby Manga Mania Vol. 1 [Manga]


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