Just How Much of an Aho is Yoshiko from Aho Girl?


If you are not watching comedy of the summer, then I do not know how to help you. Aho Girl is side-splittingly funny. Yoshiko's antics keep the viewer in stitches as she foolishly lives her life according to herown standards. But, how much of an "aho" is she. Aho can be translated to mean "idiot" or "fool", but when we look at Yoshiko, she isn't necessarily killing it in any aspect of her life. The sort of humor that Aho Girl dlivers in our dense main character is meant to make us laugh. With her unrealistic expectations of love and future, to food and test scores, let's look at five ways that she is really quite the aho.

Yoshiko Scores a Perfect 0 on Every Single Test.

Yoshiko is completely unable to study. If we tried to measure how little she actually can study, we would arrive at none. Why? Because she literally is getting zeroes on all of her tests. If you think about the tests we see, she literally has to go out of her way not to get a single one correct. She just gives up on basic math too. She uses her hands and feet to count for goodness sake! That means when she hits 20, she’s out. So, it could be argued that she probably has little to no grasp on multiplication and division. Ouch.

Forget Balanced Meals, Yoshiko Prefers to Eat Bananas.

Yoshiko loves bananas. Pretty sure that anyone can figure that one out. All throughout what we have seen so far, she eats bananas almost exclusively. Yoshiko will go to great lengths to get her hands on bananas and flies into an ecstasy when she does finally get to eat one. She will even eat off the floor if it means she is eating a banana. However, for someone who is a banana enthusiast, she cannot distinguish the difference between regular bananas and bananas that are 10 bucks a pop. Rather, whatever it is, she is happy.

Yoshiko Likes to Show Off Her Panties.

Yoshiko has actually shown her panties off a few times in the series. While to each their own, and if she is confident in herself, she is more than allowed to show herself off like that. However, she treats it as if it is some kind of reward with no hesitation. This means that she is basically committing mild sexual harassment towards those who do not want to see her panties, but it does not stop her! She has complete confidence in herself too and shows it from time to time.

Yoshiko Gets Lectured by Elementary School Students.

We all saw the episode with the dog and the park with the elementary school students. While she is more than welcome to play with people of any age, Yoshiko forces herself on the children and they tell her so. With lines like “However you look at it, you shouldn’t be playing with us” and “face reality!” you can tell that they were not really on board with her. When Akkun finally does get her, they even say “I never want to become an adult like that”, and another talks about worrying for the future of Japan. In a sort of twisted way, she is showing them what not to do.

Yoshiko Aspires to Rise to the Top of Society.

By reading the title of this point, you know that she does have a goal in life, but no grasp on reality nor how to get there. If there was one big influencing factor that she has over others, is that she is easily able to motivate others. Anyone and everyone sees her antics and decides to take the high/responsible route. The irony is though is that even when she sees others doing that in response to her, she does not correct her own actions.

Final Thoughts

All in all, she may be an aho, but Yoshiko does serve her own role well. It is meant to be humorous and make us laugh. Nothing too serious and helps us to enjoy her ridiculous antics. Are you enjoying this golden Comedy Anime? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

honey-happy4 Just How Much of an Aho is Yoshiko from Aho Girl?
Aho Girl for Comedy Anime of the Year!
honey-happy4 Just How Much of an Aho is Yoshiko from Aho Girl?
She is really funny! My favorite scene so far is when she snuck into Akkun's room!

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