Kabaneri Wrecks Amazon

koutetsujou-no-kabaneri-wallpaper-560x315 Kabaneri Wrecks Amazon

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  • Spring Anime "Koutetsujou no Kabaneri" has officially released the fourth episode and fans alike have been overjoyed with what is essentially Attack on Titan with Trains. We here at Honey's Anime love it as well as the show really does a great job of telling it's story and entertaining.
  • Another indicator of how well it is being received is the number of preorders that the DVD's receive on sites like Amazon. Note: If you don't suppport an anime and just watch it, it's not going to do well. Fact.
  • Up until the fourth epsiode aired, as pictured below in the graph, Kabaneri wasn't even breaking 80th place in DVD rankings and sales. Well that changes now as it has shot up all the way to 19th after the fourth episode aired! The power of Kabaneri is picking up steam and no one can deny that. It's exciting knowing that this gem is doing so well and we can only expect more from here on out!
koutetsujou-no-kabaneri-wallpaper-560x315 Kabaneri Wrecks Amazon

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Reactions Around the Web

Kabaneri is amazing...
It's ranking third for the whole season!
Macross, Kabaneri, and JoJo are what is selling this season. Macross has the sales but Kabaneri has the story.
Kabaneri shouldn't be compared to as just some "Late night anime". This is movie quality!
After the third episode this season, many shows seem to have taken on a different feel, but Kanaberi delivers in quality and substance.

koutetsujou-no-kabaneri-wallpaper-560x315 Kabaneri Wrecks Amazon
Ikoma and I would be best bros in real life. We would totally beat up Kabaneri as a vicious, kabaneri-killing team machine.
koutetsujou-no-kabaneri-wallpaper-560x315 Kabaneri Wrecks Amazon
Kabaneri is certainly Attack on Titan with Trains. That being said though, it's so well done! Also... bee-kun.... you do realize your arms are blowup right? ....*haha*

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