Kaijuu Girls Black Anime Announced

What You Need to Know:

  • A brand-new anime has been announced for the Kaijuu Girls series. However, as its Anime Japan stage isn't until tomorrow, the creators are keeping us in suspense...
  • All that's been revealed so far is the title, Kaijuu Girls Black, and a teaser visual that you can see in the tweet above.
  • Other than that, we can speculate from the shadows in the visual that new Ultraman enemies will appear, and as it's a new anime rather than a third season, we'll probably see more girls, too. We'll be back when more information is released!

Source: Official Website

bee-love Kaijuu Girls Black Anime Announced
I love these tiny little monster girls. I hope there are lots of new ones to fall for!
bee-love Kaijuu Girls Black Anime Announced
Wait, what? Just a visual?! Whyyyyy?

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