Kaizoku Oujo (Fena: Pirate Princess)

Kaizoku Oujo

Adventure, Action

Airing Date:
October 2, 2021 (JPN) / August 14, 2021 (Crunchyroll & Adult Swim)

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The tale begins 10 years ago on the Atlantic Ocean.

A young girl named Fena Houtman is traveling with her father, but their ship is attacked by pirates. Fena manages to survive by escaping alone in a small boat. She drifts to Shangri-La, an island of prostitution that is tacitly approved by the state.

10 years later, she has grown into a beauty with skin as pale as snow and silvery blonde hair. However, she cannot bear to face her first “job” and decides to escape from the island, something she has fantasized about many times before.
As she is running from her pursuers, she is saved by Yukimaru, a young man wearing bright red armor and a helmet with deer antlers. Yukimaru was the young boy who promised Fena that he would find her. Their reunion reminds Fena of a memory that lay dormant inside of her...

A sinking ship engulfed in flames. “I’ll find you!” shouts the young boy. And the words of her beloved father, “Head for Eden!”

Fena sets out on a journey with Yukimaru and his comrades to unravel the mysteries of Eden.

Characters & Voice Actors

fena-pirate-princess-kv3 Kaizoku Oujo (Fena: Pirate Princess)
Fena Houtman: Asami Seto

Despite her traumatic past, she is a happy, optimistic orphan. Her pale skin and bright silver hair make her stand out.
fena-pirate-princess-kv3 Kaizoku Oujo (Fena: Pirate Princess)
Yukimaru: Ryota Suzuki

The Houtman family's shy katana-wielding bodyguard. He is a devoted protector of Fena.
fena-pirate-princess-kv3 Kaizoku Oujo (Fena: Pirate Princess)
Shitan: Takahiro Sakurai

An excellent looking warrior who is elite at killing with his bow and arrow. He seems to be not interested in his friends but genuinely cares about them.
fena-pirate-princess-kv3 Kaizoku Oujo (Fena: Pirate Princess)
Karin: Aoi Yuki

Geek in technologies such as a rifle and uses it effectively in battle. Raised by a blacksmiths family.
fena-pirate-princess-kv3 Kaizoku Oujo (Fena: Pirate Princess)
Enju: Gen Sato

Elder twin brother of Kaede. Kaede and Enju both use spear and wakizashi to fight. Although they both have a friendly and playful personality, Enju believes that he is more dependable than Kaede.
fena-pirate-princess-kv3 Kaizoku Oujo (Fena: Pirate Princess)
Kaede: Ryota Osaka

Enju's younger brother. Kaede considers himself as more manly than Enju.
fena-pirate-princess-kv3 Kaizoku Oujo (Fena: Pirate Princess)
Tsubaki: Jun Osuka

He is the group's eldest and most mature member, and he is in charge of controlling everyone's raging energy. He's also the cook, but he wields a small ninja blade when it comes to combat.
fena-pirate-princess-kv3 Kaizoku Oujo (Fena: Pirate Princess)
Makaba: Shintaro Tanaka

A violent tempered boy who likes close combats using brass knuckles. He is kind and indulgent when he is outside the battlefield.

Other TitleFena: Pirate Princess
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Umi to Shinju" by JUNNA
  • Ending Song: "Saihate" by Minori Suzuki
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kazuto Nakazawa x Production I.G
  • Director: Kazuto Nakazawa
  • Script: Asako Kuboyama
  • Music: Yuki Kajiura
  • Music Production: FlyingDog
  • Producer: Rui Kuroki

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