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Keijo!! Key Visual 2
Keijo!! Key Visual 2

Keijo!!!!!!!! (Hip Whip Girl)

Ecchi, Sports

Airing Date:
October 6 2016


Honey’s Highlights

honeys anime character
I just.... There is an anime about boobs and butts. We can now all align as comrades, regardless of what we love, under this banner of ecchi amazingness to support this show!!!!
honeys anime character
Why are there eight exclamation points in the name? Hip Whip Girl sounds interesting though. That being said, we even have an English PV!
honeys anime character
Summer 2016 may be hot, but Fall 2016 is heating up fast! I mean, don't get me wrong, I am here for shows like Masou Gakuen HxH, Queens Blade, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, and anything ecchi, but sports with boobs and butts? SIGN.ME.UP!

honeys anime character
This is a fantastic spin on sports anime. Finally, something that will make me watch and watch to cheer on these girls as they battle it out with their boobs and butts.

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Keijo is a gambling competition in which you fight with your butt and chest. Created by a revision to the law in 2003, it is now as popular as horse, bicycle, and boat racing.

Nozomi Kaminashi, who was raised in a poor household, is determined to make it into the Keijo world now she has graduated high school. After all, if you’re successful, you can earn money! So, Nozomi enrols in Seto City Keijo Training School, and her life in the dormitory begins.

With the other residents of room 309, she endures harsh special training and training camps and scores the number one praiseworthy victory for a trainee, the East West Battle.

After graduating from training school, Nozomi dives into the world of pro Keijo, and is assigned to the Hyogo Branch along with Sayaka Miyata. In her debut match, she is taught a harsh lesson, but inspired by her seniors’ high-level fights, she begins to aim even higher.

This is a story of the youth and growth of girls who battle on water!

Three Episode Impression

Oh Keijo!!!!!!!!, you are such a weird and awesome show. In what looks like Dead or Alive the video game has gone full circle into an anime, Keijo!!!!!!!! is a sports anime where the ladies not only try to not fall into the pool, and thus lose, they can only attack with their butts or boobs. It is clearly ecchi, but what is unique about Keijo!!!!!!!! is that it does not pander. Keijo!!!!!!!! takes itself seriously and presents itself as something that, impossible in reality, could be conceivable in real life within the anime. While countless moves and attacks are ridiculous beyond all means, they do talk about the dark side of sports; injuries. This is so serious that Nozomi is threatened with expulsion if she continues to pursue it. What is great, though, is that Keijo!!!!!!!! does talk the hard talk and the real danger of ruining someone’s back is a serious and potentially debilitating condition. Regardless of how you feel about watching Ecchi or Sports anime, this is definitely not one to miss.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Nozomi Kaminashi

Voice Actor: Lynn

Makes the most of the balance and flexibility she gained from her gymnastic training, her goal is to become a Keijo fighter.

Sayaka Miyata

Voice Actor: M.A.O (Mao Ichimichi)

A judo girl genius… However, she only just manages to pass the school entrance exam. She is Nozomi’s roommate in room 309.

Non Toyoguchi

Voice Actor: Saori Oonishi

One of the residents of room 309. Her hobbies includes gardening and taking care of her dog. A clumsy airhead.

Kazane Aoba

Voice Actor: Kaede Hondo

One of the residents of room 309. Her hobbies are reading and playing games. Hardly reacts to anything.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: DREAM×SCRAMBLE! by AiRI
  • Ending Song: Fantas/HIP Girlfriends! by Nozomi Kaminashi (Lynn), Sayaka Miyata (M.A.O), Kazane Aoba (Kaede Hondo), Non Toyoguchi (Saori Oonishi)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Daichi Sorayomi
  • Director: Hideya Takahashi
  • Art Director: Hirofumi Sakagami, Hiroshi Katou
  • Editing: Masahiro Matsumura
  • Series Composition: Takao Kato
  • Character Design: Keiya Nakano
  • Sound Director: Takatoshi Hamano
  • Music: Hayato Matsuo
  • Photography Director: Takuma Morooka

For more information: Official Website

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