Top 10 Asstastic Keijo!!!!!!!! Characters

So Keijo!!!!!!!! turned up last season and gave us quite the surprise by not only being as fan service filled as expected but actually having some pretty awesome action as well, with some quite amusing references thrown in for a good laugh. The unusual mix of characters who are taking things seriously whilst utterly ridiculous things are occurring reminded us of series like Shokugeki no Souma, giving us something that's interesting and funny to watch, but also providing characters we can actually care about.

So to remind ourselves and yourselves about the butt battling glory of Keijo!!!!!!!!, we have put together of a list of the Top 10 Asstastic Keijo!!!!!!!! Characters. What is asstastic I hear you ask? Well, it's the character with the most fantastic asses of course, whether they be fast, strong, soft, or just generally great. So read on for our thoughts on the best butts in Keijo!!!!!!!!

10. Rin Rokudo

Rin Rokudo is a member of the elite class in Setouchi Keijo Training School and one of the first opponents our main four heroines go up against, with Sayaka Miyata taking up the challenge. Known for her speed, going as far as to proclaim herself the Fastest Out-Fighter of West Japan, win or lose Rin remains one of the quickest players in the series, although she doesn't quite have the power to back it up compared to stronger players. Her charm point is her hair, as when she gets serious two fluffy prongs stick out of her head like kitty ears, which are just adorable.

Although her ass many not be significant in size, it's speed goes nearly unmatched! The first player to show us a true Butt Gatling, the number of times she can hit you with that thing in a second will leave you literally breathless. Thanks to her crazy lung capacity, Rin can go non-stop as well, having endurance on top of her already ridiculous hip speed. If not for Sayaka, Rin in kitty cat mode would no doubt truly be the fastest out-fighter in West Japan.

9. Atsuko Yoshida

Looking a bit more like a pro wrestler than a Keijo player, Atsuko Yoshida is one of the burliest and most muscular girls at Setouchi. Because of this, she isn't one to rely much on clever or sneaky techniques to win but rather relies on a strong but simple defence and offence. Evidently, this was enough to get her into the elite class, though, and although we don't see her winning very much, it's obvious from her performance in matches that she is still a very strong player.

Compared to our previous ass, Rin, Yoshida's is a heck of a lot slower, but also a heck of a lot more powerful. Her primary technique, Butt of Vajra, allows her to harden her butt, such that it becomes like steel, acting as the perfect defence, and also an excellent offence when she whips those hips. How you get ass muscles so powerful is a mystery, but they are what make her the sturdiest fighter at Setouchi. Though with players from other schools owning similar techniques, she isn't yet the sturdiest woman in the world of Keijo.

8. Ayase Kurogiri

Our first player from Suruga Keijo Training School to be on the list, like Yoshida, Kurogiri is the proud owner of a butt of steel. Seemingly in a world of her own, Kurogiri is a firm believer in fairies and has a slight air of chuunibyou about her, as she somehow rejects reality itself to dive into her fantasies. Having quite a slender and ladylike form, her durability comes as a surprise. Where exactly is it coming from?

Though as it turns out there is a sort of answer to that, not that we expect Keijo!!!!!!!! to explain anything with actual logic. Kurogiri's ability is Autosuggestion, or rather, the ability to hypnotise herself into believing that she is stronger than she perhaps truly is, and pushing past the physical boundaries that a person's body normally puts in place to avoid injury. This allows her to wield a Fairy Butt even stronger than Yoshida's Butt of Vjara, but comes at the cost of her stamina, as pushing her body past its physical limit very quickly takes its toll. Although not the most powerful, Kurogiri wins our award for the toughest butt in the series.

7. Non Toyoguchi

Cute and clumsy, Non is the first of the four main heroines to get a mention, though a large number of her butt related feats were more accidental than anything. Starting off as a regular class member, Non's true potential as a human bouncy castle was realised in her match against Yoshida, who's Butt of Vjara promptly bounced off of the unfathomable softness that is Non's ass. After the match, she was promoted to the elite class along with the other three girls of room 309, proving that a butt does not need to be strong to be powerful.

Non's strengths all rely on her incredibly voluptuous bum and bust, with her using their pure squishy mass to both attack and defend. Her primary ability, as we already mentioned, is her Soft Butt, which she uses to counter other, stronger players with a satisfying and audible bounce. This plumpness extends to her breasts as well, which she uses like a weighty hammer to smash her opponents into the ground. Despite being clumsy and a bit air-headed, Non's built in defenses make her a formidable opponent, and also a treat for the eyes.

6. Kotone Fujisaki

The surprise fujoshi of Setouchi School, Kotone Fujisaki's quiet demeanour is really just a guise which allows her to listen to pretty boys in peace. A member of the elite class, Kotone is considered a thoroughbred, with her mother being a former Prize Queen and her sister being a professional Keijo player, however, this has done nothing to aid her waning interest in the sport. Her first real opponent in a long time, main girl Nozomi Kaminashi, manages to do so however by presenting her with a real challenge.

Kotone's speciality is her sentient butt, Cerberus, which will follow her opponents to hell and back if necessary, reducing Kotone's workload to almost zero. This also gives her one of the most agile asses in the series, as Cerberus has seemingly no blind-spots, and so can follow her opponents anywhere, as well as being able to easily "bite" them and throw them about. But while leaving everything to auto-pilot may be nice, Kotone's butt is certainly much more effective when she's in control of it herself.

5. Sayaka Miyata

The true queen of speed, after her battle with Rin Rokudo, Sayaka Miyata proves herself to be the fastest ass in the school. Despite originally training in judo, much to the disappointed of her father Sayaka realised that Keijo was her true calling, and a large amount of her development is based on these family issues. Best friends with lead heroine Nozomi Kaminashi, the two are fortunate enough to end up together even after school, making Sayaka essentially the series' secondary heroine.

As mentioned before, Sayaka is the true fastest player in the series, thanks to her K-acceleration ability, allowing her to wedgie herself to unbelievable speeds. Although the ability carries a high risk, there are few who can stand against it, making it a risk worth taking. We can only imagine how smooth her butt must be to reach such low levels of friction and be so ignorant of air resistance. Due to it's wedgie-like nature, this also happens to be one of the nicest abilities to look at, though the neon glow does get in the way of the view slightly.

4. Kyoko Shirayuki

One of the few professional players we get to see fighting in the anime, Kyoko Shirayuki shows all the girls at Setouchi the tough competition they'll be up against after graduating. Currently, an A ranked player at Kyoto Branch, Shirayuki takes part in the training camp for Setouchi's elite class, as she herself graduated from the school. Serious and elegant, Shirayuki has an air of superiority about her that makes her seem strong without even having to see her in a match.

Shirayuki's abilities are all fairly simple, but powerful, butt focused attacks. The power of her Butt Missile is such that she has no trouble splitting logs as they threatened to fall on the Setouchi students, a strength that should surely split a person in half as well. Her most notable technique is her Butt Flash attack, one insanely quick and powerful strike that even the elite class students are powerless against. This is also the technique that she teaches Nozomi, who at the time she deems as being incredibly slow. Shirayuki easily proves that she has the most experienced, and well-honed butt of the series.

3. Maya/Kaya Sakashiro

The top student(s) at Suruga Training School, Maya and her alter ego, Kaya, make the Setouchi team look like amateurs, all bar Nozomi. After going through difficult times in the past due to her ability to blow stuff up, Maya sees Suruga as her home and has an incredible desire to not disappoint her teacher and adoptive mother, Ayako, hence her determination to not lose. This desire and crazy alter ego aside, Maya is actually a very sweet and pretty girl, who is happy to finally have a home and friends around her, making her an interesting and very human rival for Nozomi to be up against.

Maya's strength comes from her mastery of Qigong, which allows her to channel her lifeforce to release energy based attacks from her bust and butt. Her most basic attack Internal Butt Release boasts incredible power without her having to so much as swing her hips, making it very hard to predict and counter. The culmination of her training, Heaven and Hell, is a breast based attack that uses this same method to unleash an ungodly amount of energy, which is only just capable of deflecting Nozomi's strongest attack. Despite her slim and girlish frame Maya's butt certainly packs quite a punch.

2. Kazane Aoba

The third girl from room 309 on the list, Aoba Kazane starts off as one of the weakest players but turns out to have amazing potential. Although very shy and not particularly confident, Aoba's sharp mind and strategic thinking allow her and her teammates to fight on a level playing field against opponents who are far stronger than them. Although sadly this doesn't win her any matches in the anime, the very fact that she comes so close, despite being one of the weakest players in the series speaks volumes about her potential.

Aoba debatably has the most broken ability out of the cast, with her being able to copy any skill off of other players using her Scanning Hand. Upon unleashing her Hip of Babylon Aoba gains access to some of the strongest techniques without ever having to "learn" them, which if used correctly could make her virtually unstoppable. While it's potential isn't truly realised in the anime, Aoba's butt is certainly one of the most interesting, and versatile, asses around.

1. Nozomi Kaminashi

Who else but lead heroine Nozomi Kaminashi for number one spot on the list right? To be fair though she does earn it. Going along with Keijo!!!!!!!!'s sub-title of Hip Whip Girl, Nozomi is all about the ass, with everything from her ass enhancing "UMT" suit, to her abilities themselves being focused on her butt. Nozomi for the most part seems to be driven by a desire not to lose more than anything, which despite having no clear reasoning behind it, is far stronger than that of any other players'.

Along with this desire that drives her, Nozomi is also surprisingly sharp during matches and creates a variety of butt techniques on the fly so as to win her battles. Of course, the main reason she's here (and that we're here) is for her ultimate attack, the Vacuum Butt Cannon, capable of destroying both her opponent's and her own, hips. Nozomi's Full-Strength Full-Power Vacuum Butt Cannon proves to be basically the strongest attack in the series, blowing Suruga's ace Maya away in the East-West War grand finale. For this reason, we have crowned Nozomi the Most Asstastic Keijo!!!!!!!! Character, as she has a butt that quite literally cannot be beaten. It also looks great in a skin-tight rubber suit.

Final Thoughts

We really love the crazy abilities in Keijo!!!!!!!!, in fact, besides the fanservice, they're probably the most fun part of the series. We didn't really cover busts in this article but to be fair, it is called Hip Whip Girl, right? We can talk about butts and boobs for days, though, but pictures speak louder than words, moving pictures specifically, so if you haven't seen Keijo!!!!!!!! yet be sure to check it out.

Assuming you have already watched it though, who was your favourite girl from the series? Did you prefer the slimmer and faster girls like Rin and Sayaka, or the more bodacious ones like Non and Shirayuki? Whoever you were a fan of, let us know in the comments below!

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