Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai Announces Anime Movie!

What You Need to Know:

  • Today, during a successful run as a live action adaptation, Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai has announced that an anime adaptation movie is coming.
  • The title literally means "Let Me Eat Your Pancreas". The story tells about a bittersweet romance between a boy and a girl who is dying. (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso anyone?) She suffers from a pancreatic disease and after a few months dies. 12 years later, the boy is now a teacher and relfects on his time with Sakura, the dying girl from his past.
  • Get your tissues ready because this is supposed to be a sad one! It is slated for a 2018 debut.

Source: Official Website

honeys anime character
No no no no! No more movies where characters die!

honeys anime character
I want to see it, but I also don't want to cry. Hmm... what to do.

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