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Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement has been hugely memorable with the various events that unfold every episode. We can almost feel that we’re coming to a close soon with this wonderful journey. But one of the most important things that have happened this season and one that took the fandom by storm was the transformational growth of one important side character, Harlequin, the Fairy King.

If you haven’t caught up with the recent episode, you’re in for a sweet and spicy surprise! 😉 We all remember King as the sweet and thoughtful cute king that he really is, the guy who blushes and hides around Diane. But what’s interesting is not only King undergoes a physical transformation, he also grows as a character making this transformation really meaningful! Read on to find out more!

Okay...We Need To Talk About The Looks.

When Mael blocked King’s powers from being used, he was plummeting to his death without being able to do anything about it. As his life flashed through his eyes, King remembered the trajectory of his life and regretted the fact that he was such a sorry king. He thought that Gloxinia was wrong to think that he would become more powerful because he was going to die soon. Suddenly, Diane flashed through his memory and he remembered the promise he made to her.

Unwilling to let things end here, King unleashed his true power and finally transformed into a fully matured fairy with wings. His transformation swept the fandom, us at Honey’s Anime, and especially Diane away with the sheer ikemen he became as a fairy. King went from cute to hot real quick and we were glad that we witnessed this perfect bloom!

The King of the Current Power Scale?!

One thing that was annoying for everyone was how King was sidelined in terms of power scaling in the anime. While he was introduced as a Fairy King and a significantly strong individual who was able to sit back and relax as his Chastiefol did the work for him, it did not take long for him to lag behind the power scale as we saw all the other characters grow stronger. But what Gloxinia said came true. With tiny wings, he rivaled the fully mature Gloxinia. With fully grown wings now, King tipped all of the power scaling in his favor as he was able to beat Male with ease.

What showed his true strength was when King unlocked the Eighth form of the Chastiefol and wielded three other Chastiefols with much ease and significantly higher power. The significance of the wings being synonymous with the power a fairy holds becomes interesting because we got to witness the difference of power with King’s very own transformation.

Diane Can’t Stay Calm!

Like most people of the fandom, Diane could not stay calm as she watched King’s new form handle everything differently from the way King usually does. This is significant because it shows how much King has grown as a character as well. In the previous seasons, King was rather weak and he blamed himself for it. His inability to protect the ones he loves was always against him and he suffered for it. He was unable to keep his promise to Diane and he was generally timid even as a Fairy King.

But in his last moments, he remembered his promise to Diane and did not want to die just yet. He did not want to be the cowardly king who ran away yet again. Instead, he chose to face his battles head-on which unleashed his true power, making him not only capable to protect his loved ones but actually excel in protecting them successfully. He was also able to protect himself putting Diane at ease. His character shift is felt in the transformation as King seems more sure and certain of himself now and Diane cannot take this new height of confidence that sweet King has found.

Final Thoughts

We all loved King from the very beginning simply for his own charms and we related to him as he made mistakes along the way of his life, just like everyone else. To watch him grow into this wonderful and powerful Fairy King has truly been a meaningful journey and we cannot wait to see how his story goes from her. We certainly do hope a certain giant girl is with him forever though!

What did you think about King’s transformation? Did you love it or felt different about it? We hope you enjoyed this article! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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