Know Your Roots: Hit Anime That Debuted Spring 2007

I know I am dating myself by saying this, but welcome to another new series we are doing here at Honey’s Anime called “Know Your Roots”. This series aims to shed light on series that anime fans may not realize are truly hits and classics of their own accord, but also shock them in that they are 10 years old! It also aims to showcase series that one should see to understand how currently popular series have been given rise. This is not a series to complain about how anime “used to be better” or anything like that. This is merely to show off hit anime from a decade (man, it hurts my soul to say that) ago. What did the anime world look like way back when? Well, streaming was not an option. People were either torrenting anime, watching it on youtube, or they were buying it from places like Bandai Entertainment, ADV films, or Funimation. Crunchyroll was not really streaming legally licensed anime and it was hard to find places that had it if any sites did. Fansubs were a very big community and usually one had to rely on them to see all of the anime that one wanted to see. With that background knowledge in hand, let’s look at some hit, classic anime!

1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

  • Episodes: 27
  • Aired: April 1st 2007-September 30th 2007

Set in another world very very similar to our own, humans are forced to live underground. Aboveground is considered to be dangerous. Simon and Kamina spend their days drilling holes deeper into the earth to expand their village. Kamina is slightly out there with his big personality and refusal to take it from the man;Simon on the other hand, is rather timid and soft-spoken. While digging one day, Simon finds a small, strange drill and keeps it. Then he finds a small robot-looking like machine that he called the Lagann. After the roof of their cave comes crashing down, Simon and Kamina burst into action. Yoko, a woman with a very large gun and other large things, works with them to defeat a gunmen. Afterwards, they are brought out into the forbidden surface where Simon sees the sun and moon for the first time. They decide to explore this new world they have found with Yoko. It is not long before they encounter more “beastmen” in their gunmen robots and have to use the Lagann to take over one. It is from there that their journey begins. They have to find out who is calling the shots, how to protect humans, and solve a problem bigger than themselves, the enemies, and even the Earth.

Gurren Lagann should not be a surprise to be on here. Often referred to as “The Last Great Mecha Anime” this anime tells the story of adventure, dreams, desires, hope, despair, friendship, and tragedy. 10/10 if you watch this show, you will get suckerpunched in the feels multiple times. Gurren Lagann enjoyed explosive success when it debuted and won Best Television Production from the Tokyo International Anime Fair in 2008. Many staff members also went on to win award for the contributions to this series. Online too, wherever you go, the series is praised for it’s accomplishments. It is also considered to be a direct influence on western shows and series as well. The popularity has also led people to create a Gurren Lagann Reddit full of gems related to the series. If you are looking to see similar anime as well to this series, your best three bets are Kill la Kill, Evangelion, And Eureka Seven. Check out this masterpiece as you will not be disappointed!

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Official Trailer

Lovely-Complex-dvd-1-346x500 Know Your Roots: Hit Anime That Debuted Spring 2007
This is something that even predates me. However, Gainax knew what they were doing when they made this series. Those who know Gainax know that this and Evangelion are the jewels in their crowns.

2. Claymore

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 4th 2007-September 26th 2007

Claymore follows the story of Clare, a Claymore. Claymores are beings that are half-human and half-youma or demons. They are then raised in a special way and taught how to fight in order to defeat real youma. Claymores are often referred to as “silver-eyed witches” and as one would expect to see of a series set in medieval times, humans are terrified of them. However, they need Claymores to protect their villages and towns, so when they arrive to visit, Claymores are warily welcomed. After a village is attacked, Clare, a newer Claymore, is dispatched. There, she meets a boy Raki and ends up saving him from being killed by a Youma. The villagers go crazy thinking that he brought the youma and so, he is banished and decides to follow Clare. They set out on a journey filled with danger and even more death meeting fellow Claymores along the way who are much stronger than Clare is. However Raki learns a secret, they are travelling for a reason. Clare is hell bent on pursuing and meeting the youma that convinced her to become a Claymore.

Claymore was made by Madhouse and as such, has a lot of pressure on it to do well. Thankfully, it has; however there is one flaw and that is that the series ending is very very open, so be sure to go pick up the manga after you finish watching it. Claymore has pulled a lot of comparisons in the past as dealing with how the art is well done in a time when there was a lot of backlash within the anime community. –Shocker–this argument never seems to die. The fight scenes are heavily praised as were the characters for the Claymores. For fans who may question what the draw is of this series, Claymore is often compared to the original season of Berserk, Blood+, Shingeki no Kyojin and more. While it does not have the obvious popularity that say, Berserk or Shingeki no Kyojin now, it is credited for breathing life again into the medieval supernatural setting for anime. Check it out!

Claymore Official Trailer

Lovely-Complex-dvd-1-346x500 Know Your Roots: Hit Anime That Debuted Spring 2007
Ahhhhh the fight scenes were just so good. Everyone was so diverse in personality even though they looked the same!!

Final Thoughts

These are just two anime that have helped shape the anime world as we know it as well as be massive hits in their debut days. There are many others, but maybe we will save them for another time. Have you seen these two anime? What are your thoughts on them? Be sure to let us know down below!

Lovely-Complex-dvd-1-346x500 Know Your Roots: Hit Anime That Debuted Spring 2007


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