Kokyuu No Karasu (Raven Of The Inner Palace) Review - A Story Of Mysteries

We got a lot of good anime this season from various genres and settings. Most of the season's anime has been set in modern-day Japan, the future, or even a fantasy world. What about a setting based on the past? What would an anime based on the past look like? Luckily for this season, we are lucky enough to have the Raven Of The Inner Palace.

Adapted from a light novel with the same name, Raven of the Inner Palace takes place in Ancient China. Within the Inner Palace of the Emperor lives a mysterious and isolated consort. She possesses a mysterious power and can take on any quest. The Raven Consort is supposed to be isolated and does not do her nightly duties. It was even taboo for the Emperor and the Raven Consort to meet. The New Emperor, Xia Gaojun, decides to meet the Raven Consort for a request, not knowing that this meeting has broken the taboo and changed their lives.

Historical but Fantastical Ancient China

When it comes to historical-based anime, the shows would either be a hit or a miss. The setting of the anime is important, as it sets the anime's tone. It also influences how the show is produced/written. Raven of the Inner Palace is one of the anime that is a hit for the season.

The setting of the anime takes place in ancient China, which already brings out the uniqueness of this anime. We don't get a lot of anime based on ancient China, so this was a rare treat for us. We enjoyed the fact that the anime makes use of the rich culture and history that ancient China has. Even when they told short stories within the anime, it was told through drawings that you would see in history books. What we love the most is that they included a fantasy theme in this anime through the Raven Consort, her requests, and its history. Combined with the fantasy theme, the show gave off the feeling that the world of the Raven Consort and its characters were from another world. It sets off the tone and even emphasizes it throughout the anime making the two settings/themes an excellent combination for a great story.

Mystery Upon Layers of Mysteries

One thing that the Raven Of The Inner Palace emphasizes and is the biggest highlight of the anime is the mystery aspect of the show. From the beginning to the end, the anime is both mysterious and full of mysteries, with the Raven Consort being the biggest mystery.

Even the opening and ending songs gave off the mysterious tone the anime has set. The opening song by Ziyoou-vachi is called "Mysterious." The mysterious aspect is often the ghosts and aspirations the Raven Consort has to handle. Still, it always left us wanting more, especially about the Raven Consort. It felt like these little mysteries were part of this one overall mystery involving the Raven Consort herself.

Final Thoughts

Raven Of The Inner Consort is a historical and fantastical anime that gives off a great, well-written story full of mysteries. We enjoyed the many little mysteries that this anime gave, while at the same time, it felt as if it was preparing us for the biggest mystery of the whole series, with its unique setting, theme, and well-written story, Raven Of The Inner Palace one of the anime that does not get the recognition it deserves and would recommend anyone to give this anime a try.

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by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”