Kongming Is the Best Support Character in Ya Boy Kongming!

Paripi Komei (Ya Boy Kongming!) is probably as whacky as a music anime can get. Featuring a time traveler, who is also a very notable historical figure, who ends up in modern-day Japan is a telltale sign that the series will have a rather interesting set of characters. Indeed, that is what Ya Boy Kongming! delivered. But more interestingly, almost all characters, no matter how weird they are, are supporting Eiko. They do their best to help her achieve her dreams. Even so, no other character can top Kongming in terms of support, and here’s why.

Contains Spoilers

Man of Multiple Talents

Despite hailing from ancient times, Kongming possesses numerous talents, including modern ones. In the recent episodes of the anime, he is shown giving Kabetaijin, a three-time rap battle champion that was one intense match. Even though he fails to defeat his opponent, he is able to gain the champion’s recognition. Even more impressive is his ability to adapt. During his first few days in the modern world, he already manages to fit in. He even secures a job as a bartender, dishing out perfectly-mixed cocktails to patrons.

But since this is an article about Kongming’s supposed brilliance in being a supporting character, it goes without saying that his talents are willingly offered and utilized for Eiko. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Kongming only uses his talents to help achieve Eiko’s dream. Simply put, Kongming is the perfect, all-around assistant and manager.

Strategic Genius

Even with Kongming’s multiple talents, his true brilliance still lies in his strategic ability. This is perhaps one aspect that nobody else in the series can beat him. Similar to his other talents, he also uses this to further Eiko’s reach. He even modernizes his old strategies to make them fit and solve the dilemmas Eiko is facing. Our favorite strategy of his is when he managed to trick the audience into staying for Eiko’s concert through environmental manipulation. Even now, it just seems and sounds like magic. And hey, maybe it is!

All for Eiko

Despite the things stated above, this is the main reason Kongming is the best support in the series. Kongming has more than enough ability, as proven above, to hog the spotlight. But instead of doing that, he acts as Eiko’s tactician. He does his best and above all to ensure that Eiko is in and remains in the limelight. He has no desire to share popularity with Eiko. All he ever desires is for his liege to reach the top. That may sound ancient – and it is – but it perfectly fits Kongming’s character.

Final Thoughts

Kongming is undeniably an all-around character. He possesses both ancient and modern talents, and that’s the exact reason why we both adore and aspire to be him. However, what’s truly admirable about him is his lack of greed for fame or glory. He genuinely wishes for Eiko’s success, and he willingly does everything in his power – and that is A LOT – to realize that scenario. And that’s the reason why Kongming is the best support character in the series. If you think we’re wrong, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

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