Kotoko, the Godly Human – Kyokou Suiri (In/Spectre)

Kotoko Iwanaga is the protagonist in Kyouko Suiri who has become the “God of Wisdom,” meaning that she must resolve any issues between the spirit world and the human world. Despite her status, she is still human and has difficulty keeping her feelings in check, particularly when it comes to Kurou Sakuragawa. However, there is more to him than she ever thought and the two must overcome the future mysteries together.

Kotoko is a strong character that seeks to do the right thing in all situations. She must mediate difficult situations and contain threats that threaten the stability of both the human and yokai worlds. The following moments are the ones that really stood out to us and made her character memorable and important.

--Spoilers Ahead!--

5. Spinning Steel Lady Nanase’s Narrative (Episode 6)

This is the scene where we see Kotoko’s rationale when it comes to stringing together false narratives. By creating a believable one, they will be able to defeat the monster that is Steel Lady Nanase. Kotoko is often seen having these narratives, but this is the first time that we are able to see her thought process in stringing together such a complicated one.

4. Kurou Enters Kotoko’s Room (Episode 7)

This scene is an example of not only how close Kurou and Kotoko have become but also Kotoko’s ease around Kurou. When Kurou enters her room, she has both her eye and her leg off which as a viewer is rather jarring. However, Kurou barely seems to notice or care that she is missing two body parts and talks to her normally. This scene allows us another insight into Kotoko’s character by showing that she does not define herself by what she has lost but rather who she is as a person.

3. Kotoko’s Honest Confession (Episode 1)

Rarely in anime do we see any romantic confession that is as forthcoming as Kotoko’s. She was honest with her feelings when confessing to Kurou before they had ever had a real conversation. This moment was a good change of pace from the regular beat around the bush approach that we see in other anime. This gave us initial insight into her character and was a breath of fresh air for us as anime viewers.

2. The Serpent Mediation (Episode 2)

There is only one scene where we see Kotoko display her powers as the “God of Wisdom” before the encounter with Steel Lady Nanase. She comes up to a yokai snake who is confused about a murder in her swamp. By creating a narrative that will allow the snake to move past the murder, she is allowing for peace to exist in an incident that involved both the spirit and the yokai world.

1. The False Fiction of Steel Lady Nanase (Episode 12)

Kotoko’s ability to turn a false true into a reliable narrative is truly impressive. By stringing together the clues on an internet thread, Kotoko is able to defeat Steel Lady Nanase for good and stop her from killing the townsfolk. Her mind works at impossible speeds as she strings together different stories that will allow for her ultimate demise.

Final Thoughts

Kyokou Suiri is an anime that relies heavily on dialogue which means that relying on information is what Kotoko is best at. While this may seem dry for lovers of action and battles, we are able to see a battle of the minds in a completely different light. Kotoko is an impressive character which high self-esteem and is frankly, a welcome change from the more air-headed anime characters that fill our screens. The scenes listed above are what we believe are the best.

If you have another scene that you think should be added, we would love to hear it! As always, if you have any other questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Kyokou-Suiri-Wallpaper-2-700x394 Kotoko, the Godly Human – Kyokou Suiri (In/Spectre)


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