KurtzPel's Newest Karma 'Fallen Light' is Now Available

Kurtzpel-Fallen-Light-SS-1-560x315 KurtzPel's Newest Karma 'Fallen Light' is Now Available

KurtzPel - Fallen Light

What You Need to Know:

  • KOG Games today announced the launch of a new karma (weapon) called Fallen Light. The new weapon is a magic cannon named "Elemental Buster" and takes on the role of a long-range magic slayer. Unlike other long-range Karmas, this Karma does not gain any auto-targeting assistance, and all shot projectiles will follow the player's aim. Fallen Light also utilizes a new resource called "Magic Bullet" which can be used to enhance skills or deliver a stronger attack.
  • With the addition of a new karma, some changes are being made to the Karma system. Chasers will now be able to acquire Dual Soul and Sacred Guardian Karma with significantly reduced CP (in-game currency). The max growth of Karma will be increased from three to five and new skills will be taught through the new Karma UI instead of NPCs; chasers will be able to learn new skills and abilities by leveling up their karma.
  • There are other large changes coming to KurtzPel in this update, which we'll highlight below.

Source: Official Press Release

PVP Season 2 Changes

Kurtzpel-Fallen-Light-SS-1-560x315 KurtzPel's Newest Karma 'Fallen Light' is Now Available

In order to judge the Chaser's ability on many different aspects of PVP, Chasers will no longer be able to select certain modes when matchmaking. However, once matched with opponents, players will be able to change their weapon and skills before the match starts.

Before, players were afraid of their ranks decreasing during the season and stopped doing Official Probatio after reaching a certain rank. From Season 2, players will be rewarded based on the highest ranking achieved during the season, so you no longer need to be afraid of ranking down and can continue to try your best to achieve the highest rank.

As fun as it is to rank up to a higher rank, many players felt frustrated whenever they lost. In order to assist with this, points lost upon losing a match will decrease and the number of stages required to rank up will be decreased to 3 instead of 5.

PVP Missions will no longer be separated by Practice and Official Probatio. Instead, they will now be separated to Duel Mission and Challenge Missions. Duel Missions will match players from 3 to 5 Vs, and there will be no rank decreases if a match is lost. However, because of that, players will only be able to reach up to Rank A in this mode.

New 5 vs 5 Maps will be added to enjoy PVP with more Chasers at once.

In order to accommodate the large-scale battle, the 5 vs 5 maps will be bigger and Conquest Mode map will have 2 Capture Points. There will be a total of 2 Deathmatch and 1 Conquest Maps for 5 vs 5.

PVE Changes

PVE will be separated in to 3 different modes:

Patrol: You and 2 other allies will fight a random humanoid monster

Annihilation: You and 3 other allies will fight multiple random monsters

Raid: You and 5 other allies will fight a designated boss monster.

New Items

A Season Pass has been added to the existing Season Level system. When the Battle Pass is activated, players will receive additional rewards while also receiving the rewards for Season Level. The Season Pass will provide greater rewards than the purchase price such as Season Pass Exclusive Costumes and Weapons.

Other new items include:

Magic Stone allows players to apply stats to Weapon and Costumes
Settia Costume (Invisible Costume) for Shirt and Pants
Character Name Change Ticket
Character Appearance Change Ticket
Basic Motion Change Item

Players will now acquire different items from extracting items. All existing Essence items will be removed and automatically exchanged for the new items. See here for more details.

System Changes

Eltheca has undergone a visual revamp.
A new inventory function and UI will be added so players can check all their items.
A mailbox system will be added to be used for event rewards and compensations.
A new currency, called DP, will be added and will be received by clearing missions.
A new shop that uses CP will be added.
A new in-game cash shop that uses KP will be added.

To learn more about the changes coming in 2020, visit the KurtzPel Steam page.

Kurtzpel-Fallen-Light-SS-1-560x315 KurtzPel's Newest Karma 'Fallen Light' is Now Available
Kurtzpel honestly continues to evolve in so many ways, it's great!
Kurtzpel-Fallen-Light-SS-1-560x315 KurtzPel's Newest Karma 'Fallen Light' is Now Available
I stopped playing a while back but this new weapon looks dope!