[Anime Culture Monday] Kuudere/Dandere Fashion Trends Winter 2016

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Gate-Jieitai-Kanochi-nite-Kaku-Tatakaeri-Captcha-lelei-la-lelena [Anime Culture Monday] Kuudere/Dandere Fashion Trends Winter 2016

The winter 2016 anime season had its fair share of kuuderes and danderes. Almost every show had one! And one thing that is usually true about these types of characters is that they have a very cool and unique fashion sense!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but hairstyles, colors and even clothes go through trends in anime just as much as they do in real life and during some seasons some of the characters even look so much alike you’d swear they’re the same person!

Today we’ll take a good look at what our favorite kuuderes and danderes were wearing this season and see what is in and what is out! If you’re looking for a change of style, these girls (and guys!) might give you a few ideas. So let’s get started!

Short, Colorful and Wild Hairstyles

Last year we saw a lot of long white or light violet hair, not only in kuuderes and danderes, but in general. This season still has a few of those, but its looking a bit more varied and leaning towards more blues, aquas and greens. And pink, but there’s always pink, this is anime we’re talking about!
Long flowing hair - most commonly blonde or black - is usually a symbol of beauty and femininity in anime. Danderes and kuuderes are usually not ones to care about fitting into a mold and so their hair tends to be short, messy and/or asymmetrical and comes in varied colors!

This season we saw a lot of short hairstyles; some brightly colored bobs, like Nanami Shiranui from Norn9 and Lelei from GATE; and even shorter shaggy styles like Mana Asuha from Luck & Logic and Koito Minase’s red shag from Musaigen Phantom World. And of course, there’s also Saki Inui’s very anime-ish asymmetrical pale aqua hairstyle in Aokana which matches her outfits perfectly.

A little more than half our kuuderes and danderes had short hair this season, making it the go-to look. And the vast majority of them had unnatural hair colors. In fact, all of the long haired girls had either a cool color or an interesting hairstyle making all of them stand out in some way. Clarion from Koukaku no Pandora and Shizuru from BBK/BRNK both accentuated their innocent looks with different shades of pink, while Sylvia from Schwarzesmarken keeps her wavy violet mane wild and messy.

Gate-Jieitai-Kanochi-nite-Kaku-Tatakaeri-Captcha-lelei-la-lelena [Anime Culture Monday] Kuudere/Dandere Fashion Trends Winter 2016

And while kuudere/dandere boys are rare, we had a couple this season, and though one is blond and the other’s brunet, one thing they have in common is, they both have long hair! Aoto from Divine Gate keeps his chin length; and super kuudere Tomoe Yagami from Prince of Stride has his layered, asymmetrical and in his face. Such the cool guy!

Gate-Jieitai-Kanochi-nite-Kaku-Tatakaeri-Captcha-lelei-la-lelena [Anime Culture Monday] Kuudere/Dandere Fashion Trends Winter 2016

Leave Something to the Imagination

The vast majority of the danderes and kuuderes this season (though I think that’s usually the case), were pretty modest with their outfits. Granted, Sylvia shows her cleavage when in uniform in Schwarzesmarken and some girls give a peek of thigh, but you don’t really see anything else! Lelei in GATE and Merry in Hai to Gensou no Grimgar also wear the clothes required by their profession and so they are limited as to how much skin they can show.

The modesty of kuuderes and danderes can also be appreciated in their choice of legwear when in school uniform. This season we saw many of these girls decked out in thigh-highs or full-on tights. Nanami from Norn9 and Mana (Luck & Logic) are completely covered up, while Saki Inui (Aokana) opts for thigh-highs and short sleeves.

The boys didn’t fall behind; Tomoe from Prince of Stride was entirely covered up from neck to toe almost the entire time! Well, I guess he did show his forearms a few times…

Gate-Jieitai-Kanochi-nite-Kaku-Tatakaeri-Captcha-lelei-la-lelena [Anime Culture Monday] Kuudere/Dandere Fashion Trends Winter 2016

Boots & Booties!

Let’s be honest, few things say “cool chick” like a pair of knee-high or combat boots! And this season, most of the kuuderes and danderes were wearing just that.
There were some pretty cool cyber boots you’d probably see at an electronic music show like Mana’s, especially when she’s Tranced with Artemis. Her boots have neon accents and buckles and are just all-around badass. Aika Suzuki’s boots in PSO2 are actually more than knee-high and they almost have a mecha-ish feel to them.

As for the more subdued looks, we have some styles we could wear on the daily! Koito wears brown fold-over knee-high boots with brass accents. Nanami Shiranui also sticks to brown but wears the laced-up style that came with the uniform all the girls wear on the ship. Sylvia of course, wears her military issue black combat boots (no laces).

But not everyone’s in knee-highs, Inui rocks short black combat boots with neon green accents to match her outfit and Merry wears navy blue booties to match her outfit and hair!

Colors of the Season: Black, Green & White

Except for Lelei, all the kuuderes and danderes this season wore black in some way. Inui and Mana both wear all black except for a few accents in lime green and aqua respectively. All others have black tights, skirts or a dress in Shizuru’s case.

Saki Inui’s flying outfit is green and black with black wing-like sleeves (talk about a cool-dere!). Lelei la Lelena’s outfit is mostly white and green with some blue accents and Aika Suzuki’s outfit while in PSO2 is teal colored with a bit of black and white mixed in. Koito wears the same white, teal and black pattern on her uniform as well!

No doubt these were the colors of the season! Though there was quite a bit of blue as well. Merry’s outfit is mostly white, one of the seasonal colors, but her cincher and accents are mostly navy blue like her hair. And Clarion’s Lolita dress is mostly dark blue with a bit of black and white here and there.

Even our dandere Aoto and kuudere Tomoe got into it! Aoto rocks a blue jacket, white tee and black pants and Tomoe is seen in black most of the time.

Gate-Jieitai-Kanochi-nite-Kaku-Tatakaeri-Captcha-lelei-la-lelena [Anime Culture Monday] Kuudere/Dandere Fashion Trends Winter 2016

Accessories: Headphones, Berets & More

One thing that stood out to me this season, and even inspired me to write this article is that two of the characters I think have the coolest style wear headphones! And they happen to be a dandere and a kuudere as well. These two of course are Mana Asuha and Koito Minase. Both of them send the international sign for “don’t bother me” by wearing the biggest headphones they could find. We don’t always have headphone characters, and this season we had two!

Gate-Jieitai-Kanochi-nite-Kaku-Tatakaeri-Captcha-lelei-la-lelena [Anime Culture Monday] Kuudere/Dandere Fashion Trends Winter 2016

Another unexpected trend this season was the beret. Usually a symbol of involvement in the military, the beret is no longer only for Street Fighter characters and Jean-Claude Van Damme! danderes and kuuderes can also rock this look regardless of their affiliation. Aika Suzuki’s look in PSO2 is a bit military and she wears her teal beret with pride! Shizuru opts for a cute purple beret that matches the rest of her outfit and adorns it with a cute little onigiri pin.

Another set of head accessories were ears and horns. And of course, we couldn’t have an anime list of any sort without some sort of a cat-girl making an appearance! Clarion has cute little cat ears that go extremely well with her Lolita look and Mana’s trance outfit comes with one of the coolest hoodies I’ve ever seen. It’s baggy, black and has horns!

Gate-Jieitai-Kanochi-nite-Kaku-Tatakaeri-Captcha-lelei-la-lelena [Anime Culture Monday] Kuudere/Dandere Fashion Trends Winter 2016

Final Thoughts

There you have it! So if you want to emulate the winter season’s kuuderes and danderes, go for a short and/or wild colored hairstyle, take full advantage of thigh-highs, tights and long sleeves, find a pair of boots you love and wear black, white and/or your favorite shade of green and you’re set! If you want to take it a step further, go for the hoodie with ears, a beret or some fat headphones. You will be the coolest kuudere / dandere around!

Who was your favorite kuudere/dandere of the season? My favorites were Mana Asuha (Luck & Logic), Koito Minase (Musaigen no Phantom World) and Saki Inui (Aokana)
Do you have a look you’d like to try out? I want Sylvia’s crazy hair and Mana’s hoodie!!

Let us know what you think! Have you noticed any other interesting fashion trends in anime?
Thanks for reading! Till next time!


Gate-Jieitai-Kanochi-nite-Kaku-Tatakaeri-Captcha-lelei-la-lelena [Anime Culture Monday] Kuudere/Dandere Fashion Trends Winter 2016


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