Lapis Re:LiGHTs - The Spotlight will be On These Girls Starting July 4th!

Lapis-Re-LiGHTs Lapis Re:LiGHTs - The Spotlight will be On These Girls Starting July 4th!

Lapis-Re-LiGHTs Lapis Re:LiGHTs - The Spotlight will be On These Girls Starting July 4th!

Lapis Re:LiGHTs

Fantasy, Magical girl

Airing Date:
Summer 2020

Yokohama Animation Lab

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The story is set in the town called Marmkestel, where the energy source is magnificent stones that are collected from magnificent sand. The girls who use the stones and sand to activate magic with a spell and melody are called "witches", and gained respect from the people for defeating magical beasts and singing.
Flora Ladies Academy is the school built by the Witch of Dawn, where the witch trainees go to.
Tiara enters the academy dreaming to become a great witch...

"I look forward to studying in this academy...what!?"

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Yukari Ando

She is the leader of LiGHTs. She is optimistic and the life of a party. To become a great witch, she enters Flora Academy, hiding her true identity as the 2nd princess of Waleland.


Voice Actor: Risa Kubota

A member of LiGHTs. She is an honor student who is cool and acts like a class representative. She is from one of the wealthy noble family in Waleland, but cares a lot about money.


Voice Actor: Rio Mukai

A member of LiGHTs. She is a self-proclaimed "Ace of the Academy". She is not good at academics but has skills for sports overall.


Voice Actor: Iori Saeki

A member of LiGHTs. She is a serious girl who respects chivalry. She admires and follows her father, who is a wonderful knight, but training as a witch by advice by him.


Voice Actor: Mizuki Yamamoto

A member of LiGHTs. She is a member of the library committee, who loves books from influence by her grandmother, who is a collector of magical books. She is shy and humble but fantasizes about many scenes.


Voice Actor: Hazuki Hoshino

The leader of IV KLORE. She is a succubus with a wonderful style and a mistress who has high pride.


Voice Actor: Tomomi Mineuchi

A member of IV KLORE. She is a magical robot who is known as magically-controlled dolls. She respects Emilia as her master and enters the academy as her maid.


Voice Actor: Yu Sasahara

A member of IV KLORE. She is a friendly ace of the track-and-field club. She is a descendant of a werewolf, and she is good at sports in general, especially running, and is a strong girl.


Voice Actor: Yoko Nakayama

A member of IV KLORE. A ghost with black hair. But because she is always materialized, she does not realize that she is a ghost, and even afraid of ghosts.


Voice Actor: Arisa Suzuki

A member of "Kono Hana wa Otome" (This flower is maiden). She is a transfer student from Yamato and the oldest girl with 2 younger sisters. In contrast to her elegant appearance, she loves to tease people.


Voice Actor: Rina Honizumi

The leader of "Kono Hana wa Otome". She is a 2nd-oldest girl from Yamato. She is an air-headed Japanese style girl.


Voice Actor: Yuko Oono

A member of "Kono Hana wa Otome". She is the most reliable one among the sisters and is the youngest girl. She is a reactor for jokes in Kono Hana wa Otome. She admires to meet the older person who is reliable because of her unique older sisters.


Voice Actor: Yukimi Hayase

The leader of Sugar Pockets and a gal from a rich family. But because she is tight with money and receives a small allowances every month, she works a lot as a part-time job.


Voice Actor: Seika Hirose

A member of Sugar Pockets. With her lovely appearance and friendly personality, she is loved by people, mainly by older people. She is appointed for the most number of times in her volleyball club.


Voice Actor: Hikaru Akao

A member of Sugar Pockets. She is a smart girl, who especially has a fantastic ability in magic item production.


Voice Actor: Yuka Amemiya

The leader of Sadistic★Candy. She used to be "Anjie", a lolita witch of a legendary unit called Ray.


Voice Actor: Risae Matsuda

A member of Sadistic★Candy. She is a talented magician, and gotten wind as the hidden powerful figure. She is arrogant and loves board games.


Voice Actor: Yu Sakuragi

The leader of the academy's top unit called a supernova. She does not interact much with anyone, and she harshly reacts ,especially to Tiara.


Voice Actor: Saeko Oku

A member of the supernova. She is a broad-minded girl like a goddess, and she is like an older sister of the academy who wants to take care of anybody. She is good at cooking and belongs to the cooking research club.


Voice Actor: Haruka Itou

A member of the supernova. She is a member of the Art Club, who is partly muscle-brained. She entered the academy to gain new inspiration.


Voice Actor: Kana Hanasawa

She is the 1st princess of Waleland, who is known as "Rouge Diva". She used to the greatest witch in the world when she was active. A member of "Ray".


Voice Actor: Yoshino Nanjou

The female chairman of the academy who also works as a teacher. She was nominated as the leader of Flora Academy at a young age for her accomplishment in "Ray".


Voice Actor: Yuka Amemiya

A genius who once called a prodigy. She is the appearance of Angelica 3 years ago. She is unbelievably pure and energetic, and once known as "a small angel". A member of "Ray".


Voice Actor: Sumire Uesaka

A girl from a vampire noble, and a top witch who is known as "a pure prince". She gains popularity from many female fans, but usually has an arrogant personality, and also a sadist side that feels ecstasy by charming others. A member of "Ray".


Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

A member of "Ray". She is a princess of Yamato, who is called "a fascinating dancing princess". She loves the foreigner culture, and works as a witch to open Yamato, which was closing the harbor.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”Watashi-tachi no STARTRAIL” by Lapis Re:LiGHTs' stars
  • Ending Song: "Planetarium" by LiGHTs
Main Staff
  • Director: Hiroyuki Hata
  • Series Composition: Kasumi Tsuchida / Hajime Asano
  • Animation Director: Tarou Ikegami
  • Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya
  • Music: Satoshi Houno

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