Less Commonly Used Assault Rifles in PUBG

PUBG-ARs-560x315 Less Commonly Used Assault Rifles in PUBG


The world of PUBG is very unpredictable and the tides can shift in so many directions, which is truly what makes it such a thrill to play. You just never know what you’ll receive with regards to weapons or even healing supplies, but who you’ll run into as well. This is why it’s important to gather what you can as quickly as possible and find a place to hide in order to develop a long term game plan. With such a diverse array of weapons to choose from, it can certainly be a daunting task when choosing one to use in battle against an aggressive enemy. We’ve come up with a quick little list of assault rifles that players seem to overlook when going for that quick pick up, but still do a ton of damage when used correctly.


PUBG-ARs-560x315 Less Commonly Used Assault Rifles in PUBG

We’ve covered the M416 in great detail in our previous article pertaining to assault rifles, so be sure to check it out. For now we’re going to just talk about why we think the M416 is less commonly used than say its M16A4 brother. The M416 by comparison lacks severely in some areas regarding its bullet speed and body impact power, which sit at 880 and a poor 3,500 respectively. Now while the body impact power is vastly lower than the rest of the selection it does make up for it with a quicker reload time and having the choice between single and auto. Another perk is that it works very well with its default ironsight when compared to the others, which may require a little more focus since they’re smaller. Does that mean the M416 is bad? No it’s not terrible by any means but it’s not the greatest overall.

That shouldn’t stop you from using it as a powerful mid range tool because despite its low base damage, it has a decent rate of fire allowing you to stop enemies in their tracks. In close range it can certainly get the job done as well so don’t sleep on it too much. Of course if the option to choose the M16A4 was directly in front of you, we’d probably say to go with the M16A4 but if there no other options then the M416 is a treat to use. We also should mention that its spread is lower than the M16A4 meaning that bullets are more likely to move in a straight line, increasing its accuracy.


PUBG-ARs-560x315 Less Commonly Used Assault Rifles in PUBG

It should be obvious why the Groza is less commonly used than the other assault rifles, simply because it’s a crate only item. Those who are lucky enough to survive the onslaught of bullets being unleashed upon them during the crate steal, will be rewarded with an extremely powerful AR which is only rivaled by the AKM (which we think is the best AR in the game). The Groza shares a lot of similarities to the AKM in terms of base damage and bullet speed, so it really doesn’t matter which one you opt for if both are available. The slight advantage the Groza has over the AKM is in its time between shots, which sits at 0.080s while the AKM sits at 0.100s. That means the Groza can fire shots at the target quicker and allowing you to gain a clear advantage.

The disadvantage however is because of its slightly faster rate of fire it must deal with some recoil issues, which prevent it from being a very useful makeshift sniper unlike the AKM. Though with enough practice and precision this gun can be extremely lethal in any scenario, and of course if you live to grab one.

Honey's Final Verdict:

We truly love both of these guns and have experimented with them a lot to see why players often overlook them. There are certainly some kinks that need to be ironed out but like most weapons in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, none are ever without their setbacks. We encourage players to really play around with the Micro Uzi and Tommy Gun because they’re such a big threat in early game, allowing you to dictate the flow of what’s happening and to make things easier when going for the more powerful selections. Let us know what you think in the comments below, what your favorite SMG is in PUBG.

PUBG-ARs-560x315 Less Commonly Used Assault Rifles in PUBG
If only I could grab the Groza I'd be a monster on the battlefield.
PUBG-ARs-560x315 Less Commonly Used Assault Rifles in PUBG
Yeah good luck with that one bee-kun.