Less Commonly Used SMGs in PUBG

PUBG-smg-weapons-560x315 Less Commonly Used SMGs in PUBG


SMGs in PUBG are very fun to use and come in a variety of forms to keep things exciting. Not all of them however are used as frequently and that often results in weapons not being fully optimized to their strengths, and players ignoring them in hopes to find something with more stopping power. We’d like to shed some light on these weapons that don’t get the attention they deserve because while they may seem weak on paper, in battle they truly do get the job done. The two SMGs we’ll be taking a look at will be the Micro Uzi and the Tommy Gun, both of which come with their own pros and cons and so we’ll do our best to cover them.

Micro Uzi

PUBG-smg-weapons-560x315 Less Commonly Used SMGs in PUBG

We honestly love the Micro Uzi, it’s quick, easy to find when compared to the more lucrative items, and in CQC can rip anyone apart in seconds. The base damage is the weakest out of all SMGs but it makes up for its rapid rate of fire and time between shots, which sits at 0.048s. That’s incredibly fast when compared to the other SMGs making this weapon an absolute beast when trapped in a room with someone. We don’t recommend using this at mid range or farther distances simply because it’s too wild to control and since the damage is already weak as it is, won’t amount to anything. Early game is where you’ll want to use the Micro Uzi to score a lot of kills and gain the advantage on the enemy, providing you some time to find a more powerful tool for mid game.

The Micro Uzi doesn’t seem to grab the attention of players as much as say the shotguns or pistols, but in most scenarios it can perform a lot better than either due to its rapid fire. Strap on an extended magazine and you have a deadly tool to rip through anyone who isn’t wearing armor. Don’t sleep on this gun in PUBG because while it may be tiny it packs an enormous punch.

Tommy Gun

PUBG-smg-weapons-560x315 Less Commonly Used SMGs in PUBG

The Tommy Gun aka “The Chicago Typewriter” does receive a lot of flak from players about its inclusion in PUBG and why the team bothered to put it in, but there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for this timeless mobster classic. We’ve all come across the Tommy Gun in a variety of games and even popular movies but for some reason, it just doesn’t have that hollywood appeal in PUBG. Why is that? Well let’s take a look at its stats in comparison to the rest of the selection. The Tommy Gun actually does the most damage out of all the SMGs in PUBG, sitting at 38 damage which is a lot for an SMG. Its firing base sits at 10 which again places it higher on the list when compared to its SMG comrades, so where is all of the negativity stemming from? Well when you start shooting with the Tommy Gun that’s where things start to get a little out of control.

The rate of fire is wonderful but where it tends to fall flat is in the recoil. Once in full auto mode this gun can be quite difficult to control and so without a proper mastery of the weapon, your bullets will fail to hit the target. However if you throw on the vertical foregrip then to be honest, the Tommy Gun is hands down the best SMG in the game. Why people don’t opt for it is something we question, but it may just boil down to popular opinion more than anything. If you ever do come across the Thompson don’t be afraid to pick it up and try because remember, this was once a crate item and usually crate items are there for good reason.

Honey's Final Verdict:

We truly love both of these guns and have experimented with them a lot to see why players often overlook them. There are certainly some kinks that need to be ironed out but like most weapons in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, none are ever without their setbacks. We encourage players to really play around with the Micro Uzi and Tommy Gun because they’re such a big threat in early game, allowing you to dictate the flow of what’s happening and to make things easier when going for the more powerful selections. Let us know what you think in the comments below, what your favorite SMG is in PUBG.

PUBG-smg-weapons-560x315 Less Commonly Used SMGs in PUBG
I really love the Tommy Gun actually since it deals a lot of damage, and with enough firing practice it can be such a threat!
PUBG-smg-weapons-560x315 Less Commonly Used SMGs in PUBG
Micro Uzi is definitely my choice when in close quarters. Players have no time to escape or react when it starts shooting!