Love Is an Illusion Has Come to an End, but We’re Not Ready to Let Go

For over three years, Love Is an Illusion has been the omegaverse manhwa that kept readers laughing, crying, and wanting to know more about each character. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, and this good comfort story is not an exception. As much as we hate it, it’s time to say goodbye to Hyesung and Dojin’s story… in its original language at least. But don’t worry, you can always come back and read it again!

We Came a Long Way

Things didn’t necessarily start off on the right foot for Hyesung and Dojin; after finding out that he’s pregnant, Hyesung is not sure he wants to have the baby, but Dojin convinces him hoping that Hyesung will decide to stay with him and start a family together. Hyesung doesn’t want to have any kind of relationship with this rich alpha but he figures he can stay with him for a while, get Dojin to buy him expensive gifts and then leave once the baby is born. Moments after giving birth to Byul, Hyesung escapes the hospital with the help of Hye-soo, one of Dojin’s closest friends. Months later, Dojin finds Hyesung and brings him back to his house to talk about what happened.

It wasn’t a great start, but they managed to stay together, at first because of Byul and, afterward, because they truly care for each other. Although Hyesung can be a spoiled brat sometimes, Dojin has a lot of patience and is willing to give his lover whatever he needs. From complete strangers to husband and husband, Dojin and Hyesung had to go through a lot, but we’re more than happy that they’re together.

Hyesung’s Past

Love Is an Illusion is a great omegaverse manga, with stunning art and incredible sex scenes. But the story has one major flaw: it doesn’t really explain anything about Hyesung’s past. We know little to nothing about Hyesung’s childhood other than his mom running away and his dad not caring about him. Although a few chapters showed Hyesung’s parents, there’s not a lot of answers about what happened with them.

The last chapters of this manhwa try to give some closure to Hyesung’s past, but everything feels rushed and it fails to solve the mystery behind this omega’s life before Dojin. The first one to show up in the finale is his dad, claiming that he wants to take Hyesung back, that he cares about him, and that he’s not the bad guy. He tells Hyesung that it was his mom’s fault that the relationship didn’t work. Luckily, Dojin’s family is there to take care of this nasty man. After that, Dojin meets up with Hyesung’s mother and asks her to come to the house. Overwhelmed, Hyesung refuses to meet her face to face and tells her never to come back. Where are the answers?! We need them! We’ll have to make do with what we have…

Everyone Gets a Happy Ending

Like with many other BL stories, Love Is an Illusion focuses principally on the main characters, but it has time to develop other characters’ stories. This way, we get to see Dojin’s brother, Dojun, get his own happy ending. Dojun doesn’t have it easy, having to deal with a crazy ex who’s still not ready to let go. Because of this, Dojun has to hide his relationship with Hye-soo, constantly sneaking around. But once Chowon finds out about this relationship, he goes nuts and threatens Hye-soo. Not that it works since Hye-soo is not one to take a step back…

Wounded after learning that he’s never going to get Dojun back, Chowon gets drunk at a bar where he meets Kyungsoo, Hyesung’s best friend. Even though Kyungsoo is a beta and can’t feel Chowon’s omega pheromones, he’s immediately attracted to him because of his beauty. They don’t have a smooth start but in the end, it works out. And the most important thing about these side stories is that we get to see a lot of steamy action under the sheets. What else could we ask for?

Final Thoughts

It’s sad to say goodbye to a story that has been there for us for so many years, but we can still hope that the author decides to start a new story, this time with Dojin and/or Hyesung’s son, Byul, as the protagonist. We’ll have to wait and see what happens!

Love Is an Illusion is a manhwa that will keep bringing smiles and tears to readers, even some years from now. That’s how good this story is!

love-is-an-illusion-byul Love Is an Illusion Has Come to an End, but We’re Not Ready to Let Go

Author: Yaz L.

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