Lupin the Third PART 6

Lupin III: Part 6

Action, Adventure, Comedy

Airing Date:
October 2021

TMS Entertainment

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His name: Lupin the Third. He is the grandson of legendary thief Arsene Lupin. There is nothing he can’t steal. Jewels, artwork, hidden treasures, the secret to eternal youth, and even cute girls’ hearts aren’t safe from his clutches.

His trusty partners in crime are the sure-handed gunman, Daisuke Jigen, and the Iaido master swordsman, Goemon Ishikawa.
Fujiko Mine is a tantalizing wildcard whose immense beauty is only matched by her keen intelligence.
Always hot on Lupin’s tail is the tenacious Inspector Zenigata.

Their adventures are hard-boiled, thrilling, comical, and eccentric. Money Punch’s creation “Lupin the Third” has evolved with the changing times and procured generations of fans the world over.

Now in 2021, 50 years after the anime first hit the airwaves, Lupin’s latest scheme is afoot!

In the newest installment, “Lupin the Third: Part 6,” Lupin discovers two keywords that take the story in a whole new direction. The curtain rises on a classic mystery with a modern twist! Overcome the trials and tribulations of the modern era with this light-hearted romp in the world of Lupin the Third.

What is Lupin’s next target?!

Characters & Voice Actors

lupin-the-third-part6-kv Lupin the Third PART 6
Lupin III: Kanichi Kurita

Keeping up the family tradition, Lupin is a gifted thief who travels the world over to claim whatever target catches his eye. No matter what outlandish idea or bold tactic he has to employ, Lupin will find a way to get it.
lupin-the-third-part6-kv Lupin the Third PART 6
Daisuke Jigen: Akio Otsuka

A prodigy with a gun, his quick draw clocks in at .3 seconds. Even Lupin has to tip his hat to that level of skill. Jigen keeps a cool head, constantly processing the situation even when up against the ropes. Cigs and booze are his one true love.
lupin-the-third-part6-kv Lupin the Third PART 6
Goemon Ishikawa: Daisuke Namikawa

He is a descendant of the Ishikawa line, a family which has churned out famous thieves for the better part of four hundred years. An Iaido master and wielder of the Zantetsuken, Goemon proudly walks the path of the sword in constant search of ways to refine his craft.
lupin-the-third-part6-kv Lupin the Third PART 6
Fujiko Mine: Miyuki Sawashiro

A woman of mystery with many faces, she combines keen intellect with a curvaceous figure to swipe even Lupin’s prize right out his clutches. Her motives couldn’t be simpler: take what she wants.
lupin-the-third-part6-kv Lupin the Third PART 6
Zenigata: Kouichi Yamadera

As a member of Interpol, Zenigata’s job is to put Lupin III behind bars. He is the descendent of a famous private detective who lived in the Edo period. He pursues Lupin with the utmost tenacity and knows more about him than anyone on Earth.
lupin-the-third-part6-kv Lupin the Third PART 6
Goro Yatagarasu: Nobunaga Shimazaki

An Interpol agent who works directly under Zenigata. A strong sense of justice burns in his young veins. He idolizes Zenigata and has nothing but the utmost respect for him. Everyone calls him “Yata”.
lupin-the-third-part6-kv Lupin the Third PART 6
Holmes: Masato Obara

No puzzle is too difficult for this world-famous detective to solve. However, he has taken a step back from the front lines and mainly investigates cheating spouses or tracks down lost pets for the time being. He currently resides at Baker Street, 221B.
lupin-the-third-part6-kv Lupin the Third PART 6
Lily: Sumire Morohoshi

Along with Holmes, Lily is an intelligent and cheerful 14-year-old girl who calls 221B home. Her earnest desire to contribute to Holmes’ work often compels her to jump right in.

Other TitleLUPIN THE 3rd PART 6
”Lupin the 3rd” (Manga)
lupin-the-third-part6-kv Lupin the Third PART 6

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Monkey Punch
  • Director: Eiji Suganuma
  • Script: Takahiro Okura / Masaki Tsuji / Mamoru Oshii / Taku Ashibe / Akio Higuchi / Kanae Minato
  • Series Composition: Takahiro Ookura
  • Character Design: Hiroki Marufuji
  • Sound Director: Yoji Shimizu
  • Music: Yuji Oono

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