Mahou Shoujo Ore Review

Love makes a girl stronger

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Magic
  • Airing Date : April 2, 2018 to June 18, 2018
  • Studios : Pierrot Plus

Contains Spoilers

Mahou Shoujo Ore Introduction

Saki Uno and Sakuyo Mikage are junior high school students that just so happen to also be idols. Unfortunately, despite their hard work, they still don't have a single fan. After returning home from a concert that nobody attended, Saki finds a strange man trying to get into her house. After letting him in, Saki learns that her mother is a magical girl and the strange man is her mascot and helper, Kokoro. Kokoro informs Saki that a demon is attacking her crush Mohiro forcing her to become a magical girl to save him. Saki's magical girl form is that of a large, muscular man in a small girlish uniform, causing her to be embarrassed. Things get even more complicated fro Saki when Mohiro finds himself attracted to Saki's muscular form and her partner Sakuyo professes her love to Saki.

Why You Should Watch Mahou Shoujo Ore

1. Unique Story

While many magical girl shows suffer from the same cliches and tropes causing them to all feel similar, Mahou Shoujo Ore takes the magical girl genre and flips it on its head for a unique experience. Everything you would find in a magical girl anime is here, but Mahou Shoujo Ore handles it in such a unique that even when you think you know where the story is going the twists will always catch you off guard. The story also doesn't take itself seriously and deals with every situation with comedy, setting the anime apart from all magical girl anime.

2. Comedy

If you're looking for comedy, Magical Shoujo Ore has you covered. Most of the comedy comes from the fact that Magical Shoujo Ore is a parody of magical girl anime that satirizes the genre, idols, and the anime. Due to the absurd nature of the anime, there is plenty to laugh at even when a joke isn't being thrown your way. Featuring tons of running gags, visual gags, and one off jokes, there is enough comedy here to keep you laughing from beginning to end.

Why You Should Skip Mahou Shoujo Ore

1. Boring Visuals

Visually, Magical Shoujo Ore has very little going on. The backgrounds are bare and the characters often remain static in scenes. The character designs are not terrible and the main characters will often get some comedic facial expressions, but the side characters are often left out and lack any real emotion. Transformations scenes are handled well, but Magical Shoujo Ore relies on scenes like the transformations and singing scenes a little too often, as they come off as repetitive and just a way for the anime to save time.

2. Nothing But Comedy

Outside of its comedy, Magical Shoujo Ore has nothing going for it. Throughout its twelve episodes, there is little to no character development with everything ending pretty much the way it started. There are no real stakes or consequences the characters have to face leading them to never grow as people and never getting to show anything more than the comedic sides of themselves. Magical Shoujo Ore also has a lack of content seemingly due to the lack of material to adapt from. Even with the added characters and events to the story, the anime has a couple of dull episodes and is never able to establish itself as anything more than a parody.

3. The In-Jokes

Many of the anime's jokes revolve around magical girl tropes and the anime industry causing many of the jokes to go over your head if you aren't familiar with the things that Magical Shoujo Ore is making fun of. Scenes like the concert in episode one appear to be just what it looks like, a couple of girls putting on a concert, but the girls are actually doing a sort of rip off version of a popular anime opening. Jokes like these are easily missable and may hamper one's enjoyment of the best part of the anime due to not understanding the joke.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a typical magical girl story, you won't find it here. Magical Shoujo Ore has many great aspects that make it an anime worth watching. The comedic story and its unique take on the magical girl genre make for a fun and bizarre experience. However, if comedy isn't your thing, there isn't much here for you to enjoy. What are your thoughts on Magical Shoujo Ore? Is it worth watching or did you skip it? Let us know in the comments below.

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