Mamoru Hosoda's Mirai no Mirai Reveals New Trailer With Official English Subs!

What You Need to Know:

  • In a shocking twist of events, the upcoming movie from Mamoru Hosoda, Mirai no Mirai revealed a new trailer today. What makes this shocking is that not only was the trailer provided with English subtitles, the studio even tweeted out in English!
  • The story is of an older sister who goes back in the past to meet her older brother as a spoiled, bratty toddler. She has a touching adventure with him is the story behind the movie. They have also announced staff!
  • Studio Chizu is the animation tudio, the producer is Yuuichirou Saitou, art directors are Takashi Oomori and Youhei Takamatsu, and finally, Hiroyuki Aoyama and Ayako Hata will be the animation directors. Catch the trailer below!

honeys anime character
This looks so cute!!!! I cannot wait!

honeys anime character
Oooooo sign me up!