Manga "Nekomo, Ondake" animated and aired on TV Ehime

What You Need to Know:

  • "Nekomo, Ondake" will be aired from TV Ehime in "Tsunagaru Wide Ho-nan." every Friday from the 1st of April. The anime will be available on Niconico video as well, showing the first video on 1st April.
  • "Nekomo, Ondake" is a comic beautifully portraying Japan in the Showa period, where everything is old, simple, and welcoming.The protagonists are the Onda family, and is based on the life in the family, always focusing on a topic about something involving the family or a member of the family.
  • The anime is drawn by Rajio Wada, a cartoonist born in Ehime, 1964. His drawing has a very simple and strong, accurate touch which attracts the reader into his comics.
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Thsi looks like my cup of tea! Looking forwards to it
Apparently this is going to be on Niconico video as well but is this true?
The comic book always relaxed me when I needed to. I can guarantee that this will as well.

honeys anime character
I just went on Amazon. I'm not sure why.

honeys anime character
I love this book because this book will time travel me to the Showa period!