Mayoiga - Anime Spring 2016

Mayoiga-300x435 Mayoiga - Anime Spring 2016

Mayoiga-300x435 Mayoiga - Anime Spring 2016



Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Airing Date:
April 1 2016

diomedea, Pony Canyon


30 men and women come together to go on a bus tour. However, this isn’t any ordinary bus tour. This bus tour is headed to a mysterious, unconfirmed village named Nanakimura. Purportedly, Nanakimura, if found, is a utopia and a place that is unlike anywhere else in the world. Well… at least that is what the rumors say.

Of these 30, some have lost faith in the current world, some want to erase themselves from their tedious existences, and finally, some just want to start their lives over again. So, they take their expectations in one hand and their distressed hearts in the other with them deep into the mountains in search of Nanakimura. However, when they arrive, they are greeted with a village, but at the same time, it’s not a village. It’s an area that stinks of abandonment and barely any traces of human life.

What is this reality that has appeared in Nanakimura that the 30 people have stumbled upon??

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Koudai Sakai

Mitsumune is 16 and a student. An overachiever in school with high marks, he does not let it go to his head. He is calm and gentle, and people can easily trust him.


Voice Actor: Yuuka Aisaka

Masaki is 17 and a student as well. Masaki is a bit eccentric and she does have a few things that she dislikes but, she is friendly, honest, and wholehearted.


Voice Actor: Taku Yashiro

Hayato is also 16 and a student. Hayato is another boy like Mitsumune who does well in school with no slip-ups and has good looks. He understands Mitsumune.


Voice Actor: Koharu Sakura

Koharun is a 24 year old graduate student. She performs research at a university and she is currently researching Nanakimura.


Voice Actor: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Valkana is a 25 year old programmer. In the company that he was contracted for, there was an uproar over some leaked information, and unfortunately, he was somehow blamed for it all.


Voice Actor: Hiromi Igarashi

Leon is a girl who can supposedly see when death is coming, and will blatantly express it by saying “I can see that someone is about to die.”

Promotional Videos / PV

Other Title迷家 -マヨイガ-
Airing Info

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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Gensou Drive by Ami Awajima
  • Ending Song: Ketsurou by Rina Katahara

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: diomedea & Ponycanyon
  • Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
  • Series Composition: Mari Okada
  • Character Design: Naomi Ide
  • Sound Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
  • Music: Masaru Yokoyama

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