Top 10 Suspicious Mayoiga Characters

Life is our punishment in this world of asynchrony. The struggle of the everyday life is what eats you away from the inside out, forcing you to juggle how you should live, from how you want to live. You hear the voice of failure whisper in your ear that you’re simply not good enough, and the life you lead is a mere hoax. A plastered on façade concealing the truth that’s underneath; forcing you to survive in a hopeless circle of life. This is the tale of the world, of the individual, of life; and this is the tale of The Lost Village.

As thirty individuals take it upon themselves to abandon their once “normal” lives in favor of a reset button, they punch straight forward into the depths the unknown. As they make their way towards the mysterious village of Nanaki, these individuals hope to start anew; to brandish a clean slate. Though Nanaki Village may be a mystery unto itself, perhaps those sitting next to you on this bus ride to “utopia” are the ones with the biggest question marks of all? Feigning purity to keep what’s deep within our closets a dark secret. Making up an image of yourself far different than who you truly are. It may turn out to be too late once these travelers realize that they may be surrounded by mere skeletons. With everyone hiding something deep within their pockets, Honey’s Anime brings you the Top 10 Most Suspicious Mayoiga Characters:

10. Love-pon

Erratic and irrational; if there was ever a reason to maintain your distance, these telltale signs are barely brushing the surface. Someone whom can’t maintain their own directive is about a few miles off and counting from someone worth lending your trust to. A sickened state of mind is lethal poison and Love-pon is its incubator.

Right at the turn of the page, Love-pon is off the rails. Her reason for going to Nanaki Village? to protect her identity. For someone whom is first to petition murder and torture as a means of settling a situation, the idea of her still having things other than her murderous intent worth hiding just makes the hairs on your neck stand up. She’s a rigid obstacle that needs to be hurdled over, but not before we shake her clean of all her misaligned secrets. What makes her even more worth the spotlight, is the fact that throughout the series, seemingly, no one cares. She’s a little devil in plain sight and would only make sense for her to kick start our hit list of Top 10 Suspicious Mayoiga Characters.

9. Mikage Yura

Beware of those who tout rationalism. Elevating oneself above the populace’ way of thought, believing you are separate from the primates, can often be nothing short of a bold cry of instability from within.

From the beginning, he introduced himself as a person whom is not necessarily restarting his life over because of tragedy, but instead joined the tour because “treading the beaten path” was unappealing. Someone who is supposedly just tired of going through the motions, and yearned for something new. Nothing, in particular, to see here right? In truth, Mikage Yura may be the bread and butter of the type of person worth keeping an eye on. While he often does maintain a sense of logical thinking amongst the group, you just can’t help but question what’s really going on in that big brain of his.

Mikage Yura, you may sing the song of a man whose well-intentioned, but you are awfully out of tune.

8. Jack

Living straight out on the edge at all times is like a ticking time bomb without a clock. Untimely spasms hidden amongst the trees of a fragile tranquility. We have a name for these type of people, and that’s “crazy”. With an absence of appearance, it’s worth saying that those whom speak the least, may often have the most to say. Thus, we urge Jack to come to the front of the congregation at once.

Clearly logic is not a part of this kid’s daily meal. His response to a life threatening situation? make it even more so. In short, this oddball’s outbursts are rationally deficient; and when followed by, frankly, nothing given his lack of screen time, it makes you wonder what his next appearance might entail. Beware of the quiet ones!

7. Hayato/Speedster

The calm before the storm is a saying that just never gets old. Acting aloof and levelheaded could simply be a byproduct of a struggle to keep the heavy tides from rolling in. Pragmatic at every turn, and fixated on the well-being of his close friend, Mitsumune; but might we ask, why? If looked at in the right light, these may be the only details necessary to breed suspicion, and Speedster, you’re certainly one suspicious character.

What is his reason for hopping aboard the bus to the wonderful world of Neverland? To deny its existence. Claiming to be hell bent on deciphering the code behind the myth is the perfect paper to place over a cracked wall. He has overwhelming rationale towards everything he does, but on a bad note, expresses a need to be in control of something at all times. It takes no level of convincing to realize that those whose motive lack reason, are the ones to remain the most skeptical of in the long run.

6. Bus Driver

Body language often screams louder than words. Shut your ears and open your eyes if you want to know what the truth entails. You’d be surprised at just how much can be read from a single expression, as opposed to what one may lead you to believe with their words. Especially, when your first course of action during a heated argument is to gun down on the gas pedal and take thirty lives into your own hands. Driver, we have reason to believe that you may be holding onto more than you're willing to let off, and we aren’t going to let you skate by under the radar so easily.

He mocked his passengers for their life changing decisions. He laughed in the face of a ‘new page’; a’ do-over’. He was a hardened individual that believed in facing the devil head on without ever looking away. He called everyone out for trying to escape their problems, until he cracked and let his beaten past show its colors. Now he’s a part of the troupe, and to put it simply, he just doesn’t set very well. His directive feels off, and his aura stained. You are a mysterious person Driver, and that’s all that needs to be said.

5. Lion

A tricky case at best, Lion will have you tight roping on a thin line between whether to trust her or suspect her. The youngest of the bunch, Lion usually appears to be the most mature. She tends to remain very balanced throughout most situations, but can be condescending simply for her own amusement. At first look, there’s not much to question here, but peep through the keyhole of this locked door and maybe there might still be something worth finding.

“I see dead people, all the time”. Maybe not iterated in those exact words, but it’s the thought that counts. Her childish back and forth claims of seeing ghosts, and knowing when someone’s clock is about to expire has creepy written all over it. She may be small, but little dogs can carry a big bite too, so it’s best to keep the safeguards up. Rule of thumb when playing detective; never overlook the calm ones, never ignore the quiet ones, and certainly, don’t assume innocence towards the young ones. Oh me, oh my! Lion fits the shoe just perfect.

4. Reiji

Right off the bat, if this nonchalant, dry sponge of an attitude character doesn’t rub you the wrong way, then your survival skills are at absolute zero. A longtime resident of Nanaki Village, Reiji is a cork board for all your most endearing questions. There’s hardly a story to him, and that just helps fit him into the suspect suit even more.

Sorry partner, but you’re not eating at the same dinner table as the rest of us. Your questionable character raises eyebrows at the least, and unfortunately for you, we’re here to pick people like you apart. Court is in session Reiji, and before this podium, you will be stripped bare.

3. Kami-sama

Kamiyama Haruomi. Clad in a white lab coat, a once upon a time resident of the foggy mist that is Nanaki Village, this old man is ripe to be up to something. We talk about the mad scientists of the world in dozens of made-up stories every day. A genius, apt with knowledge, expertise, and is always well-grounded, simply going off the ledge. Intertwined within the strings of their own obsession. A reluctance to pull away and open their eyes to the surrounding world. A sickness, that births a lunacy capable of turning them deadly.

Kami-sama put his career on the line. Trading his current reality, for the sake of a spoken legend; a myth. His mistake; finding what he was looking for. Perhaps Nanaki Village is but the playing surface for his ever wicked games, for in the world of science, ethics is easily overlooked in favor of the “betterment” of mankind. So long as the end justifies the means right?

Every experiment needs its lab rats, and thirty people willing to throw away their old lives seem like perfect candidates for the job.

2. Koharun

Knowledge is power, and power, can often be abused. Trapped in a strange village that makes the world feel as though it’s spinning without you. Eager to find a way to repair a broken attempt at a fresh start. You have questions that need answers, so why not ask the person who knows the most. Koharun…

The one behind it all. Responsible for tracking the untraceable village of Nanaki; and turning legend, into reality. When you truly read between the lines, you’ll probably wonder why she wasn’t marked with a bullseye much sooner. If there are fingers to be pointed, then Koharun is definitely a target. Touted as an expert in folklore and mythology, this walking encyclopedia is one shred of information away from digging her own hole six feet under. There’s a thing as knowing too much, and while most of the characters may have set their sights elsewhere, we caution you to keep one eye peeled on this sneaky lady at all times.

1. Masaki

The era of choosing either to drown to death or burn at the stake in order to prove your innocence; nowadays, is but an old text read only in the history books. However, those who don’t learn from their past are bound to repeat it. But could you blame those in fear of the worst? Shaded underneath the umbrella of Nanaki Village, one’s extreme obsession with superstition and its negative offset is nothing but gasoline prepped for a flame. Need we say it? Masaki, you’ve been holding a flame over your head for quite a while now. It’s only a matter of time before it slips from your grasp and sets everything ablaze.

Masaki is ‘odd’ no matter how you view her situation. Her skewed sense of fortunetelling often leads her to become jittery and quite eccentric. She seemingly can’t be straight-forward as every answer that comes out her mouth is shrouded with around the bush wording and sidestepping vagueness. It was only a matter of time before everyone began noticing that there’s just ‘something about Mary’ and eying her as the odd one out. Masaki is well overdue her turn to be held under oath, and it’s about time she was brought in to have a word or two.

Final Thoughts

As questions loom in the grim clouds overhead, we try endlessly to shield ourselves from the downpour of doubt, distrust, and festering paranoia. However, some locks are meant to be broken, and secrets unveiled.

We hope that this list of Top 10 Suspicious Mayoiga Characters helps direct you on where to start poking your nose first, for these shady individuals are people whom you won’t want to turn the left cheek on. With Mayoiga’s large and diverse cast, there are certainly a few names still worth mentioning, and we invite you to the comments section below to let us hear what your detective intuition has to say.

Now, let’s not point fingers!

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