Meet One of the More Interesting Jujutsu Kaisen Characters, Aoi Todou!

What kind of woman is your type? If you prefer men, that’s fine too. Not immediately sure? Let’s meet someone who is. Aoi Todo is a bored badass. He slays in fights and only scarcely needs to use his cursed technique, but his attitude about the whole thing is blasé. Instead of basking in his success, Todo cannot be concerned with it. He knows that everyone around him is just so lame, and he can’t take it! Today, let’s take a look at one of the most exciting characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, Aoi Todo!

Just a Few of the Reasons We Love Aoi Todo…

His Best Friend Status with Yuuji

Aoi enjoys fighting with Yuuji during one of their first encounters and asks him what his favorite type is. When Yuuji says, “I like tall girls with big butts like Jennifer Lawrence,” he has no idea that this is Todo’s word-for-word response! From this moment, it’s bromance for life for these guys. Todo immediately claims Yuuji as his best friend, and from then, the two kick ass and take names, both functioning at their inhumanly high levels. Todo almost solely refers to Yuuji as “best friend,” and it is clear that he is thrilled to have someone around him whose romantic tastes are not at all bland!

His “Get Better or Die” Attitude

Though Aoi and Yuuji are best friends now, that does not mean he gets any special treatment. Todo is quick to express that Yuuji’s methods are incomplete and discuss how and where he needs to improve. Surprisingly, his suggestions go well with Yuuji, and he finds himself improving at an even quicker pace than before. When Yuuji gets an opponent right after learning about a new technique, Todo expresses that if he doesn’t learn the technique right now, he wouldn’t even be interested enough to help him if he is beaten to death.

This tough love isn’t limited to watching these fights. When Todo has to face Yuuji, he expresses that he “likes his friends more than to go easy on them.” He and Yuuji fight, and it takes all of Yuuji’s considerable strength to survive. Todo brings the heat, whether his opponent is a friend or foe!

A Badass with Style

Before the Jujutsu Tech exchange event, Todo was known to only have used his cursed technique against a special grade opponent. When he fights Yuuji, it becomes clear that his words were not just hot air. Aoi has speed, intellect, and technique from years of training. While fighting in the exchange event, his internal monologue shows that while fighting an enemy, he has an intellectual analysis of their abilities and excellent control over his decisions while in the middle of a fight.

It seems that Todo cannot respect instructions from those whom he considers boring either. When asked to help gang up on Yuuji to kill him during the exchange event, Todo leaves to watch a show, saying he cannot be bothered to continue with such boring people. When someone tries to stop him, Todo makes it clear that he will kill them if they tell him what to do again.

Final Thoughts

Of all the fantastic characters that we are getting to know in Jujutsu Kaisen, Aoi Todo is smart, strong, disciplined, and doesn’t have boring taste in babes. He is one of the only people who consistently helps Yuuji to get better, even if his methods are some tough love. What’s your favorite thing about Todo? Was there something we left out? Let us know in the comments!

JUJUTSU-KAISEN-Wallpaper-700x394 Meet One of the More Interesting Jujutsu Kaisen Characters, Aoi Todou!


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