Meikyuu: Labyrinth Kingdom, a Tactical Fantasy World Survival Guide Vol. 1 [Light Novel]

  • Mangaka : Iori Miyazawa, Yo Shimizu, Toichiro Kawashima and Adventure Planning Service
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Scifi, Isekai
  • Published : August 2021

We have different reasons for reading novels. Some see it as a relaxing, stress-relieving activity. Others view it as highly entertaining. There are even those who wish to learn a thing or two from various titles. Of course, there are those who are a mixture of those stated above. Admittedly, we fall on the last one, though we primarily read to have a good time. It’s just a very welcomed bonus to pick up some new knowledge. The series we’ll be tackling for this article is exactly that–highly entertaining and informative.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

First and foremost, this is an isekai series. However, it’s not the typical kind of isekai. Instead of being summoned or being aided by Truck-kun, it’s perhaps more appropriate to say that he’s been abducted. After arriving in this new, peculiar world, he literally has to figure everything out himself. Weird as that may sound, that’s exactly the charm of this series. He uses his prior knowledge to survive this Million Dungeon and the knowledge others he met along the way.

Why You Should Read Meikyuu: Labyrinth Kingdom, a Tactical Fantasy World Survival Guide Vol. 1

1. Survival Tips and Tricks

As stated earlier, we follow a fellow that’s forcefully transferred to Million Dungeon. Most denizens of this world haven’t set foot outside of this dungeon, so it’s safe to say the dungeon itself is their world. That being said, it has its dangers with the worst one being dungeonstorms. Dungeonstorms are basically earthquakes but in the Million Dungeons. Because of these dungeonstorms, the protagonist, who is a retired SAS agent, puts his trained survival skills and knowledge to use. With his thoughts and instructions, we learn things to keep in mind should we find ourselves in a similar situation. The tips are nothing very specific, but that also makes it easy to remember.

2. Good Pacing

The story flows really well. There is rarely any stretching and it never feels too slow. In fact, the story progresses consistently. The greater thing about it is that it doesn’t sacrifice world building or character development to do that, too. Taiga, our main character, is innately observative. Because of that, we get clear ideas of his current situations. Since he’s also very well-informed as to what he should aim to do during such dire situations, he constantly moves with little to no mistake. As a result, we get to explore the world more.

3. Amazing World Building

Since Taiga is very observative and with his SAS background, we get to enjoy the tiny details of his environment. From the dark halls to the icy-cold water running down their feet, we experience them all. The world building we’re pertaining to, however, isn’t just the literal world. Taiga also notices and even rationalizes the culture and behavior of the Million Dungeon denizens. He provides the reasoning behind how they naturally act, which is pretty clever on the author’s part. This way, the author basically narrates the series without actually narrating it. Still, not everything is explained. After all, Taiga can only rationalize what he actually experienced.

Final Thoughts

If we’re to describe this series in a word, then it’s probably interesting. We mean that in every sense of the word. Million Dungeon being the most unknown is interesting in a mysterious way. The fact that they have to discover and rediscover things is also interesting in a curious way. Finally, the entire series, characters, and plot are interesting in a cool way. There might be more meanings to the word “interesting”, but you get our point.

Meikyu-King-Dam-Tokushu-Butai-SAS-No-Ossan-No-Isekai-Dan-John-Survival-Manual-novel Meikyuu: Labyrinth Kingdom, a Tactical Fantasy World Survival Guide Vol. 1 [Light Novel]


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