Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 3 Review: Episodes I & II

Mike-Tyson-Mysteries-Capture-614x500 Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 3 Review: Episodes I & II

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  • Genre : Mystery, Comedy, Parody, Action, Sci-Fi, American Animation
  • Airing Date : May 14, 2017, May 21, 2017
  • Studios : Cartoon Network, Warner Bros Animation, Williams Street

Over thirty years ago, a small number of 80’s action icons were treated to their own animated adventures such as Mr. T and Chuck Norris. They both led a group of people (usually children) in fighting terrorism and solving mysteries, and towards the end of the seventies, even then heavyweight legend Muhammad Ali got his own series starting himself! In the year 2017, that tradition continues to this very day starring another former undisputed heavyweight champion, Iron Mike Tyson, and he’s back defending his title as a comedic cartoon character with a third season. Assisting the former champion with his animated occupation are Yung Hee, his adopted daughter; Pigeon, a former human who was turned into a pigeon by his ex-wife; and a ghost of a Victorian gentleman named Marquees of Queensberry, a play on the name of the official rules of modern day boxing. As for why a pigeon is part of the crew, it actually takes influence from Mike Tyson’s real love for pigeons. Now let’s give you a sneak peek of season 3!

Contains Spoilers

Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 3: Episodes I & II Story and Plot Outline

Season 3 Episode I

Kicking off season 3 is “Help A Brother Out,” in which Iron Mike has accidentally burned down the house, and is talking to the firefighters about the circumstances of what started the fire. As his usual spaced out self, Tyson fails to recall how it was him that started the fire and at the same time, is confusing it with another fire from an episode of the previous season. So without a place to stay, they set off to find some place as a suitable substitute. Initially, they try the apartment of Deezy, Tyson’s agent. But because his apartment is a pigsty and looks like it hasn’t been clean in years, Tyson and company bailout and takes Deezy’s cat with them.

Tyson then admits that he has a brother, but doesn’t like him because he finds him to be nerdy. Upon arrival at a really nice house, the owner and brother who happens to be the renowned scientist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. As for how Neil and Mike have not been in contact, it turns out that Neil was in attendance when Mike fought against Buster Douglas, the first man to beat Tyson. While Neil was trying to cheer Mike with the Vulcan salute of live long and prosper, Mike got caught off guard and lost that fateful night in Tokyo, and he blames him since then.

Without any place left, Tyson, Marquess, Pigeon and Yung Hee decide to stay in the van in Neil’s driveway. As it progressively gets cold, Tyson parks the van in the garage and decides to warm things up by turning on the engine. Unfortunately, smoke from the exhaust starts to fill up the garage and Deezy’s cat notices the danger they're in. He takes Mike’s cell phone and calls Deezy. Deezy unorthodoxly deduces Tyson’s location and saves their lives. Deezy once again offers his apartment and Mike and the gang takes him up on it. While driving behind Deezy, Yung Hee finds Mike’s wallet (which was assumed to have been lost in the fire) and they decide to stay at the Four Seasons instead ditching Deezy as he is talking to himself that having the gang stay would help him with his depression. Upon the end of the credits, Mike shares other famous Tyson’s he is related to such as actress Cicely Tyson as his great-great aunt, as well as Tyson Beckford and Tyson Chandler as his distant cousins.

Season 3 Episode I

Thankfully, the house is back to normal in episode II, or “The Beginning.” Marquess tries to give everyone the impression that the house has some updates but nobody seems to acknowledge them. However, Pigeon is the first to recognize a new feature of the house, a wall with pictures of the group. What he takes significant issue with is there are no pictures of him. While searching for pictures of Pigeon, the story then transitions on a picture of Mike Tyson shaking hands with George W. Bush back in 2001, and how it was from their first mystery.

Tyson’s flashback presents 2001 as a 1970’s pool party with himself sporting an Afro and wearing disco style fashion, and with Marquees more openly gay with his pink seventies feminine clothing. While driving off on their first mystery, the screen shows an infant Yung Hee in the passenger seat. It breaks back to the present with Yung Hee taking issue with being seated in the front without the safety of a child seat. Tyson justifies this by saying it is meant to get audiences captivated. When the flashback resumes, Tyson has arrived at the White House and the appearance of the characters are back to normal as if they weren’t portrayed in the seventies anymore. While the first flashback was in the summer when they were assigned their first mystery, it is now approaching Thanksgiving and Tyson is tasked with the decision of helping George Bush choosing a turkey to spare on Thanksgiving. There are two brown turkeys and one white turkey. Considering how ridiculous this request is, the younger Yung Hee picks the white turkey, Tyson gets the credit, and mission complete.

While still ignoring why Pigeon has no pictures on the wall, they happen to find a mysterious sepia picture of a bearded man, and it turns out he is the previous owner trapped in a dimension where the witch repeatedly kills him and his family. He opens a portal to let them in. Tyson, Yung Hee, and Marquees go through the portal while Pigeon decides to stay and enjoy the house to himself. Without understanding the logic on why the previous family doesn’t leave the parallel dimension, things end too late as the family falls to the witch while Tyson and the gang rush back to the portal in fear, and close it by destroying the picture.

What We Liked About Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 3: Episodes I & II

Sometimes, people say the best humor is being willing to make fun of yourself. Through this series, Mike Tyson demonstrates that he is capable and willing to do that. Throughout the years, pop culture and critics have portrayed him as a thug and a dumb jock. These episodes and Mike himself perfectly take these media interpretations and make it their own brand of humor. Though Mike is portrayed as rather spaced out, he is shown to be well natured and caring.

Discussion Time

Considering Mike Tyson’s past transgression are controversial to this day, it is understandable some people would be repulsed to why he would get his own cartoon series. However, the series has been successful enough to get a third season and the show isn’t about Tyson as his supporting cast contributes in their own unique ways that can make you forget that Tyson is the main character. So beyond Mike Tyson, there are plenty of reasons to why some people could like this show.

Why You Should Watch Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 3

1. Norm MacDonald

If there is any reason to enjoy Mike Tyson Mysteries, it is certainly the performance of 1990’s SNL Weekend Update correspondent, Norm Macdonald, as the voice of Pigeon. For those of you viewers who are familiar with this comedic genius, his voice will be instantaneously recognizable. His performance as Pigeon is very consistent with his style. With his distinct voice, anything he says can come across as funny. Some comedians have to force their voice with the joke, but with Norm in any role, especially as Pigeon, he just says something and you’ll always laugh. And the thought of Norm Macdonald as a pigeon is just funny in itself. In many instances, he can always steal the show.

2. You Don’t Have to Be Familiar With Tyson’s Boxing Career

While Tyson’s boxing prime was a long time ago, any knowledge of his boxing career isn’t exactly necessary though it does reference it in a very loose sense. Most of the series isn’t really focused on his former boxing career, but instead his misadventures with his ragtag crew of misfits. Instead, if you have any prior exposure to Mr. T’s, Chuck Norris, and Muhammad Ali’s (which was released during Ali’s career) animated adventures from the 1970s and 1980s, then you can appreciate what it's true homage is.

Why You Should Skip Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 3

1. Tyson’s Controversial Past

Nobody can deny that throughout the years, Mike Tyson has not been a model citizen. He has had his troubles with the media, in the ring, and the law. There are some people that can reasonably feel that audiences shouldn’t support Mike Tyson for every reason you can think of. He may not have been the greatest role model, so trying to portray him in a more humorous light isn’t going to bode well with his most hardcore critics. If you happen to belong to this group of people, then there is no way you should be watching it.

2. Lacks a Coherent Structure

If people like a consistent structure with the plot, there is no way you’re getting this with Mike Tyson Mysteries. The direction is way more random than Family Guy. Episode 2 perfectly demonstrates that it doesn’t stay 100% consistent with its plot, nor does it focus in a way audiences ideally want it to. Do you want to know why Pigeon doesn’t have any pictures on the wall? Though the reasons are rather obvious that most people don’t like Pigeon, there is really no stated reason or direct punch line as to why. Unfortunately, episodes tend to run for 10 minutes and that could either be the ultimate factor in what decides its direction.

Final Thoughts

All we can say is Mike Tyson Mysteries is definitely for 80’s kids. If you grew up on Mr. T and Chuck Norris’ cartoons and/or followed Tyson’s boxing career, then this is the series for you. Thankfully, the Tyson that is portrayed in this series is not the same Tyson who has flipped out on reporters. If anything, this series shows that Tyson in his present age shows that he has really mellowed out and truly enjoys life. So please put the negative of the past behind, embrace the positive and reborn Mike Tyson, and give Mike Tyson Mysteries chance, or go the whole distance to the end of the season. Either way, it’s a knockout!

Mike-Tyson-Mysteries-Capture-614x500 Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 3 Review: Episodes I & II


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