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A Quiet Solace
  • Mangaka : Yuhta Nishio
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : LGBT, Girls Love
  • Published : May 10, 2022

Keeping up appearances can be difficult for most people, and this is especially true for younger individuals forced to face societal pressure due to their family’s reputation. While some may be able to find one or two ways to cope with such a setup, the pressure still accumulates as time goes on. Mizuno and Chayama is a manga about such individuals. Since they share a similar amount of suffocating pressure, they find and make an ingenious way of escape. Here’s our review of Mizuno and Chayama.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Mizuno and Chayama revolves around the two titular characters. Mizuno is the daughter of a mayoral candidate, who also sides with what is commonly known as opposition. Meanwhile, Chayama is the heiress of Chayama-en, a renowned tea company in their region. Both of them share the hardships of hailing from renowned families. When they meet, something just clicks. They’re not the daughters of some big-named individuals - they’re simply Mizuno and Chayama. Two young girls. Within the confines of a small guidance counseling room, they find a sanctuary.

Why You Should Read Mizuno and Chayama

1. Slow Paced Narrative

The manga goes at a rather slow pace, allowing the readers to slowly digest the narrative. It gives the readers an in-depth idea of who the characters are, as well as what and why they are suffering. It also slowly divulges the reason why these two characters subject themselves to a rather peculiar agreement – only caring and interacting with each other within the small confines of that guidance counseling room. However, that also comes at a cost.

Slowly narrating Mizuno and Chayama’s experiences also means immersing the readers in their daily suffering. Though both girls are strong enough to remain standing after all the hardships they’ve faced, the emotional toll that the readers accumulate is no joke. This is especially true for readers who are more empathic than most. We will discuss just how bad this is later on.

2. Too Tense to Drop

The content of this series is in no way light or gleeful. Even so, we couldn’t seem to put it down. The tension kept us on our toes, and the two girls’ relationship kept us intrigued from start to finish. Don’t get us wrong. They have a really dysfunctional relationship, and they are also nowhere near perfect individuals. However, they do have this indescribable charm that just made us flip through the next page. If you’re wondering what kind of witchcraft we’re talking about, then you will have to see it for yourself to find out.

Why You Should Skip Mizuno and Chayama

1. Dark and Dreary

Mizuno and Chayama may be telling the story of two young girls, but their experiences – although they have a sense of realism – are things nobody should experience. The manga depicts constant bullying, parental neglect, and even sexual harassment. Clearly, it is something that not everybody will find pleasure delving into, especially those who may find such content triggering.

Final Thoughts

Mizuno and Chayama is a bewitching series, but it is not for everyone. It tackles numerous issues that a lot of people may not be comfortable seeing. A few of those issues include bullying, parental neglect, and sexual harassment. That being said, the series isn’t something suitable for people who are looking for a quick laugh. But if you’ve read through our review, have heeded our warning, and are still interested, then it is a manga worth reading.

Once you’ve read the manga, make sure to come back to us and tell us your thoughts about it!

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