Mr. and Mrs. Smith? – Koroshi Ai (Love of Kill) Vol.1 [Manga]

I Would Like to Make a Deal.
  • Mangaka : Fe
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Psychological
  • Published : March 2021 - Ongoing

She is a professional hitman, but he is also… a professional hitman. After their first encounter, she became his target. Caught in a deadly cat-and-mouse game, who will fall first him or her?

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

So we have two hitmen who decide to go rogue on us. Just kidding, it isn’t like that… for now. The relationship between Chateau, the female bounty hunter, Ryang-Ha Song, the male hitman who somehow has a bounty on his head, is a whole lot mysterious and weird but still interesting. There are diverse art styles when it comes to character designs, and the chapters are pretty short. The story focuses on how a bounty hunter and hitman work together to complete their jobs.

Why You Should Read Koroshi Ai (Love of Kill)

1. No Time to Find Love

Ryang-Ha Song pointed out how rare it is to find women in his line of work, killing targets that get in his way. Most of them are from the underworld, so that may be a plus to society. His easygoing nature with skills as a hitman makes him famously dangerous throughout the bounty hunter agencies and the underworld.

Back to the topic, Ryang-Ha Song has a vast knowledge of how the underworld operates and is interested in Chateau even more because she took this job despite knowing the danger she is going to face. Seizing this chance, he decides to make a deal with her: locate and bag her targets in exchange to get close and know more about her in a romantic way.

2. Getting to Know Everyone

Aside from Chateau and Ryang-Ha Song, we have the Ritzland Support Company. You know what they say, it is essential to learn more about colleagues, both strengths and weaknesses, to work together smoothly. Chateau got to work as a bounty hunter of said company because her father is the benefactor of this company. Even so, she takes her job seriously, and it isn't easy to read her thoughts due to her expressionless nature. All we can get is her expressing in annoyance.

Every character in this series is from different cultural background, which creates a diverse style of character designs from main characters to supporting characters to characters who are dead as hell and probably not buried 6 feet underground but somewhere that cannot be seen or found from public’s eyes and their families.

3. Author’s Notes

There are notes and remarks of how Fe feels and thinks on characters, story progression, and setups between the chapters. Bonuses and character details can be found in them as well. It is a nice change of pace to get to know the mangaka and the story simultaneously.

Why You Should Skip Koroshi Ai (Love of Kill)

1. A Little Too Mysterious

You might want to get used to this because there are many things that we feel that they purposely left out even though they are there in this volume. Chateau is indeed quiet and someone who is not keen on conversations, so you might not like such a character who is in the main character position of this story unless you’re into a mysterious character.

Final Thoughts

Love of Kill is placed between serious comedy and mystery. The focus lies on the relationship between Chateau and Ryang-Ha Song. A bounty hunter and a hitman. The chapters don’t reveal many of the details that we’re looking for, but hey, this is part of the mystery, right? Ryang-Ha Song’s approaches to Chateau are straightforward, but Chateau remains quiet about his actions and annoyed by him. But the chemistry between them doesn’t fit well, which creates an exciting story. This is not just about the main characters. Others potentially are important to the future developments, along with the bonuses from the mangaka. If you’re into bounty hunters and the underworld with romance, give this one a chance.

Koroshiai-manga-Wallpaper-700x476 Mr. and Mrs. Smith? – Koroshi Ai (Love of Kill) Vol.1 [Manga]


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