Koroshi Ai (Love of Kill) Might Be The Romance Anime That You Shouldn’t Miss This Season

2022 has been kind to us so far with some killer anime. One such anime that we at Honey’s Anime think that you shouldn’t miss is Koroshi Ai (Love of Kill). Koroshi Ai follows the story of Chateau Dankworth who is a novice bounty hunter tasked with missions to track targets at the request of her clients and eliminate them. However, during one such mission, she comes across this mysterious man who easily overpowers her incredible abilities, predicting her every move. Things get weirder when this mysterious man openly shows an interest in Chateau and decides to actually help with her missions.

Coincidentally, Chateau’s organization is given the mission of tracking down Song Ryang-ha, an expert assassin who abandoned a powerful Asian organization. When Chateau finds out that this mysterious man who is always making moves on her is the person that her organization is looking for, she reluctantly makes a deal with him: in exchange for going out with him, he will help her track all of her targets, dead or alive.
Josei Galore!

If that plot wasn’t enough to pull you in, we don’t know what will. Love of Kill has a cliched plotline coupled with an intricate storyline. From the very first episode, we realize that there is more to this anime than just romance. After all, the fact that Chateau and Ryang-ha are almost in the same line of work says something. As the story progresses, the anime teases us with the pasts of both Chateau and Ryang-ha which seem to be connected somehow. While we don’t know how they are connected, we’re roped into this complicated experience between present and past as we see Ryang-ha’s past catching up to him and Chateau’s pulled into it because of her connection to Ryang-ha. Josei anime usually has a deeper storyline than just simply focusing on the romance aspect of the story and so far Love of Kill hasn’t disappointed us in that regard.

The Chemistry Between The Main Characters

One of the biggest selling points for this anime is the chemistry between the two main characters, Ryang-ha and Chateau. Chateau is a bit of a stoic tsundere and doesn’t show much emotion even when Ryang-ha openly flirts with her multiple times. Moreover, Ryang-ha isn’t just a creep who is trying to get with Chateau because of her beauty. From the very first interaction, we can see that Ryang-ha has a motive for pursuing Chateau but we’re still not sure what that is. The cat and mouse chase between the two characters are rather intriguing to watch and if the opening is any indication, it looks like Chateau and Ryang-ha will end up as allies in the future, fighting for the same side. We don’t know how that will happen but that’s enough intrigue to pull us in to watch this anime!

Final Thoughts

While Koroshi Ai doesn’t tick all the boxes that we’d want in a good anime, we definitely think it’s nothing to sneeze at. If josei anime focuses on romance but also has a complicated storyline that enhances the romance, Love of Kill is the anime you need to watch this season. Furthermore, Chateau and Ryang-ha’s adorable chemistry is definitely something to experience! We hope you enjoyed reading this article! Let us know what you think about Love of Kill and if it is right up your alley! What is your favorite Winter 2022 anime so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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