Mugen no Juunin: IMMORTAL Drops New Characters, OP, and Air Date!

Mugen-no-junin-Blade-of-the-Immortal-New-Edition-1-300x423 Mugen no Juunin: IMMORTAL Drops New Characters, OP, and Air Date!

Mugen-no-junin-Blade-of-the-Immortal-New-Edition-1-300x423 Mugen no Juunin: IMMORTAL Drops New Characters, OP, and Air Date!

Mugen no Juunin: IMMORTAL

Action, Adventure, Drama, Supernatural, Seinen

Airing Date:
October 10 2019


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This takes place in the Edo era, when samurai still existed…
There was an ‘immortal’ man who was said to have killed a hundred men. That man’s name was Manji.

Manji meets a girl named Rin who swore revenge on the one who killed her parents. Rin asks Manji if he would become her bodyguard in her quest for revenge. At first, Manji refused, but then he saw the image of his younger sister who died within Rin. As it would be dangerous for Rin to go at it alone, he decides to give her a hand. However, Rin’s enemies are a group of swordsmen who are members of Ittou-ryuu. It meant the beginning of a fierce fight to the death that would even catch up to the immortal Manji.

What is the ‘Blade of the Immortal’?
This series, which has sold over 5.8 million copies, was Hiroaki Samura’s first manga as a manga artist. The ‘Neo-era drama’ series depicting the journey of revenge with Rin and Manji is being re-animated as a complete version after 20 years of films and anime. Currently, all 15 volumes are being republished as a ‘new edition’. In addition, ‘Mugen no Juunin: Bakumatsu no Akira-’, which was named the official sequel, is being serialized by Afternoon.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Kenjirou Tsuda

An ageless samurai who was chased off for the crime of killer his lord and a hundred pursuers. A mysterious old woman named Yaobikuni used the ultimate life-prolonging technique to infuse his body with sacred bloodworms so he would have an immortal body.

He has a righteous and affectionate personality, but he usually comes off as being sarcastic because he’s witnessed many lives and deaths. He fights with a variety of weapons that are hidden in his kimono, depending on the situation. Some of these weapons were once possessed by enemies he defeated. Also, his sword style is a unique and practical one that he has made his own through years of practice.

Manji, who cannot injure himself because of his immortality, is compelled by the death of his sister and town and decides to atone for his murder of one hundred people by killing one thousand evil men. In a scheme by Yaobikuni, he becomes the bodyguard of Rin, the only daughter of the Asano Dojo which taught the Mutenichi-ryuu sword style and whose father was killed by Kagehisa Anotsu of the Ittou-ryuu style, and will aid them in their vendetta.

Rin Asano

Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

Just as she was preparing for revenge against the ones who killed the leader of Asano Dojo of the Mutenichi-ryuu sword style, who was the strongest in all of Edo, she hires Manji as a bodyguard on Yaobikuni’s recommendation.

Basically, she’s a sore loser, but she’s good natured and has some kind aspects as well.

She has a special move where she can throw twelve daggers at once. She named the daggers Golden Wasps. Although she’s the daughter of a dojo master, according to Manji, her sword fighting skills are terrible.

Kagehisa Anotsu

Voice Actor: Nozomu Sasaki

Sabato Kuroi

Voice Actor: Eiji Hanawa

Makie Otono-Tachibana

Voice Actor: Houko Kuwashima

Taito Magatsu

Voice Actor: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Eiku Shizuma

Voice Actor: Shunsuke Sakuya

Sousuke Abayama

Voice Actor: Shinya Fukumatsu

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Survive of Vision by Kiyoharu

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Hiroaki Samura
  • Director: Hiroshi Hamasaki
  • Series Composition: Makoto Fukami
  • Character Design: Shingo Ogiso
  • Sound Director: Youji Shimizu
  • Music: Eiko Ishibashi

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