Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho Review - The Final Arc is Half of the Series...

The Final Arc is Half of the Series...

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Shounen, Supernatural, Action, Magic
  • Airing Date : August 2018 - October 2018
  • Studios : Studio Deen

Contains Spoilers

Muhyo to Rouji Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho (Muhyo & Rouji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation) Introduction

Having problems with a ghost? Seeing things you shouldn’t be seeing? Then maybe it is time to call on the services of Muhyo, a genius magical executioner said to be the youngest to ever become one. Surely, he will be the one to help you. In our world, demons and ghosts cause all sorts of problems for humans, so by seeking him out, he will be able to dispel them. Together with him is his assistant, Rouji, a young boy still studying to become a practitioner of magical law but with raw talent. These two assist others daily, but sadly, things are never as they seem as a dark shadow watches over them. What can Muhyo do when his rival who has turned to the dark side, Enchuu, appears? Watch and find out!

Why You Should Watch Muhyo to Rouji Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho (Muhyo & Rouji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation)

1. The Magic & Executions

When we say “executions” here, it’s more or less the magical spells and judgements that Muhyo passes on demons and ghosts. It makes for really cool animations and effects. Not to mention too, the attacks are always different for him meaning that they get cool names and have unique animations. One massive draw is that all attacks are always different. Some of the magic that Reiko as well as Rouji, use are fun and different as well rather than it being generic which is something that the studio could have easily fell back on.

2. The Master/Student Relationship

The relationship between Muhyo and Rouji isn’t something that is ever explained in the series, rather, you get to watch it play out as the viewer. Their relationship is great because Muhyo doesn’t spoonfeed Rouji anything, but rather encourages him to find his own answers. Or better yet, Muhyo ignores him forcing Rouji to think on his own or listen to the direction of others. Muhyo is a very busy executioner, so having someone who thinks on their toes is essential.

Why You Should Skip Muhyo to Rouji Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho (Muhyo & Rouji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation)

1. The Final Arc is Half of the Series & What Happens

The “finale” so to speak is half of the series itself. With only 12 episodes, that is rather disappointing. It starts with a powerful demon getting out of a special prison. Then after they take it down, thinking that they are safe, Reiko turns out to be a traitor and attacks them. This then summons Enchuu and Teeki, and they bring their own havoc. Is it to destroy the world? No. Is it to make this powerful demon their ally? No. It’s all about a power trip from Enchuu who just wants to have a fight with Muhyo, but once Muhyo is down for the count due to side effects from a magic recovery potion, Enchuu pulls out completely. As if this couldn’t be more nonplussing, as soon as Muhyo starts to recover, we learn that Enchuu probably isn’t pulling the strings and it’s Teeki. WHY. That nulls everything we have learned up to that point about Enchuu and just shows that it was all him showing off and nothing else.

2. Rushed Shounen

Nothing kills a series like rushing it. We meet characters so fast, back to back at that, in the beginning of the series, that it looks like we are going to get side characters to Muhyo and Rouji. They are then disposed of when we go to the magical town–conveniently located in some part of rural Japan but happens to look like Europe–never to be seen again. We see Enchuu show off his power with a real threat of danger, and! and! Final arc. We then get a slew of new characters, almost all of whom will be irrelevant soon, but are made to appear special, and then it’s the final fights stretched over multiple episodes. I’m all for fights taking time, but that was ridiculous. It just leaves you feeling bored and rushed.

Final Thoughts

Muhyo to Rouji’s anime was okay at best. The magic was cool, but honestly, it does not offset how horribly rushed this series was. Then again, we cannot expect much from Studio DEEN anymore these days, so you kinda know what you are getting into when you start a series by them. What are your thoughts on this series? Be sure to let us know down below. Till next time!

Muhyo-Rojis-Bureau-of-Supernatural-Investigation-Muhyo-to-Rouji-no-Mahouritsu-Soudan-Jimusho-Wallpaper Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho Review - The Final Arc is Half of the Series...


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