Open Alpha for Multiplayer Brawl-Shooter Aftercharge is Available Now!

What You Need to Know:

  • Aftercharge pits invisible robots against a squad of specialized security enforcers in fast-paced battles. While a team of three invisible robots works to destroy six energy extractors on the map, a team of three indestructible (and heavily-armed) human(oid) guards must find and stop them.
  • Developed by Canadian indie team Chainsawesome Games, each team features three class types uniquely suited to combat the opposing team’s individual abilities. On the defending Enforcers team, choose between invincible guards Striker, Liquidator and Builder. When on the attack team as an invisible Workonics droid, dismantle extractors as Glitch, Bubbles or Cyclops. Alternate characters to explore new offensive and defensive tactical options and strengthen your team’s strategy.
  • Some key features include a unique blend of fresh game mechanics, bite-sized yet fast paced competitive matches as well as asymmetrical teams to keep the action unique and diverse! Aftercharge will be available on Windows PC and Xbox One in early 2018. The open public test begins October 13th and wraps up October 15th.

Source: Official Press Release


Official Trailer

Aftercharge Open Alpha Teaser

honeys anime character
I really like those funky futuristic visuals!

honeys anime character
We need to gather some friends to make this one fun.

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