Mushishi's Author Illustrates Cover for New Horror Series, Mayoiga

What You Need to Know:

  • No, this is not related to that Mayoiga from last year. Mushishi Series creator Yuki Urishibara has illustrated the cover for a brand-new horror series titled Mayoiga.
  • The story is set during the era where Japanese civilians were exvacuated during World War II and tells the story of an older brother Shinzou who is hunting for his younger sister after she disappears without a trace. However, Shinzou walks into a giant mansion that is actually in the afterlife where both spirits and their treasures reside.
  • Mayoiga took home an award of excelence at the 24th Japanese Horror Novel Competition earlier this year in April and is written by Seiun Yamabuki.

honeys anime character
I was scared for a brief second that this was like Mayoiga from last year, but thankfully it is not! Cool!

honeys anime character
I love a good thrill. Maybe I will check it out!