Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Episode 16 Reaction! Family Meetings Aren’t Always Joyous…

The path for Rudeus Greyrat hasn’t been easy since the strange teleportation consumed him, Eris, and Ghislaine. With the latter missing, Rudy and Eris ended up growing closer together as they met various strangers on their journey home from the demon realm such as Ruijerd Supardia who now acts as their party member. In the 16th episode of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation finally, our party has returned to the human realm but what should have been a happy moment has turned quite sour. Let’s discuss this incredibly impactful episode of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation and see why you need to check it out this very moment!

The Long Journey Home Ends

Former otaku turned mage prodigy Rudy, has certainly endured a lot in his new life but he can’t deny it’s been an adventure. Despite the struggles of being in the dangerous demon realm, Rudy has re-entered the human realm with his companions and it almost feels like his quest has come to a much-needed closure. Unfortunately, Rudy’s return isn’t met with balloons or handshakes, instead, Rudy runs into a family member who at first is happy but then turns very cross.

Rudy and Paul Greyrat Reunite

After thinking he was saving a kidnapped child, Rudy runs into the leader of the alleged kidnappers and soon discovers his dear old dad Paul is their leader. Turns out Paul has been worried sick for his missing family and is, at first, bewildered and shocked to see his son in the flesh. However, their reunion isn’t filled with tears and hugs but yells and punches.

Rudy explains his “journey” to Paul and quickly Paul realizes his son has been a selfish fool this entire time. Paul doesn’t waste time in explaining that he left his son messages in the adventurer’s guild to see if he was okay and give him a means to respond back. Rudy sadly didn’t even search for those messages and equally has done something that Paul really hates, though only for his own well-being.

Paul’s Rage Explained

While not perfect—and definitely an adulterer—Paul still cares about his family and has been searching for them as well as the villagers. Apparently, Paul explains that the teleportation didn’t just take a few people but the entirety of the village including his wife and Lilya. Paul has spent every waking moment searching for the villagers to save them from danger—the kidnapped child Rudy saw was a bully that was held hostage by bandits and then saved by Paul’s party—while Rudy has just been with Eris this entire time. Paul truly feels Rudy wasted time he could have spent saving others just to be near Eris and adventure with her.

Rudy’s Next Move

Episode 16 ends on an interesting note, instead of Rudy thinking about how he will fix this problem with Paul—like he tends to do with every situation he runs into—Rudy is for once truly lost. Thankfully, Eris—who is beginning to show a lot of character growth as of late—consoles our poor Rudy and helps him smile once again.

What will Rudy’s action henceforth be? We’re just speculating but seeing as how Rudy now knows his mom, maid, and his friend—Sylphiette—are missing we don’t doubt he’s going to try and find them. Maybe he won’t be alongside Paul initially but Rudy will no doubt as his party to help him find the others and see about saving them from their possible ill fates. Rudy has to make up for nearly 2 years being missing but he’s a smart man, he can do this!

Final Thoughts

Episode 16 of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation was hands down one of the best episodes of this continued season and we can’t wait for even more! What do you think will happen next week? Tell us your theories in the comments below! For even more episode reactions and coverage of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation be sure to keep stuck to our isekai-craving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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