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New York Comic Con (NYCC) is widely regarded as one of the most significant conventions dedicated to popular culture in the United States. The event specifically caters to fans of comic books, video games, movies, and of course, anime and manga. For the past five years Comic Con has also been home to the New York Anime Festival (NYAF), a special part of the convention dedicated to otaku culture.

With each passing year the massive event has only grown bigger and better, with panelists and fans travelling to attend from near and far. This upcoming year marks the 10th anniversary of the popular gathering, and with lots in store for fans of all varieties, is not one to be missed! For the purpose of Honey’s Anime we’ll focus on otaku-oriented events, but keep in mind that is only a small part of what this exciting event has to offer!

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New York Comic Con (NYCC)

Events / Panels

There have been a wide variety of panels, events and activities to be explored within NYCC each year - last year alone, they hosted well over 200. ( The panels at the convention are targeted at people from many different fandoms, though for the purposes of this article. Though a complete list of this year’s panels has yet to be released, in the past they have included everything from discussions hosted by studios and artists, to cosplay competitions and speed dating. Below are some examples of past panels from previous years.
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Studio Panels

Funimation: Fairy Tail

As a significant studio with a large fanbase, Funimation has hosted multiple panels at NYCC in the past. In 2011, they hosted a panel where the entire lead cast of Fairy Tale made an appearance. It was a chance for fans to meet the voices behind their favorite characters, receive autographs, and watch a premiere screening of the show in English alongside them. In the past other notable studios such as Viz Media, and Sunrise have also been present.

(Source: NYCC Press Releases)

Artist Panels

Masahi Kishimoto: Naruto

Before last year's NYCC, Masashi Kishimoto, the artist responsible for Naruto had never made an appearance outside of Japan. Not only did he make a historical appearance at the convention, but he participated in two panels. This gave fans a rare opportunity to see the pop culture icon in person, and snag autographs if they were lucky. Other notable Artists who have done panels include Hiro Mashima, Moyoco Anno, Masakazu Katsura, and Takeshi Obata.

(Source: NYCC Press Releases)


Eastern Championships of Cosplay

 No proper convention would be complete without cosplay contest. It’s not unusual to walk in and around the NYCC and see people in costume, left and right. Cosplay workshops, and panels featuring famous cosplayers have also been hosted in years past. While some people cosplay casually, merely dressed for the occasion there’s also the Eastern Championships of cosplay competition - with fierce competition and cash prizes at stake casual cosplayers need not enquire - this contest is the real deal.

Who is Coming?

Voice actors, writers, and artists, oh my! NYCC manages to bring in a colorful cast of special guests for its attendees each year. Special guests range from famous cosplayers, to renowned manga illustrators. Each year is something a bit different, and while the complete lineup of guests for this year has yet to be released, a look at past guests that have attending promises this year to be just as exciting.

Yusei Matsui

A preview of this year’s guests is stacked with popular personalities from comic books, television, and pop-culture but one name stands out. Yusei Matsui is the first anime or manga related guest to be announced for this upcoming NYCC. Matsui is most well known for being the artist responsible for the hit series Assassination Classroom, which has gone on to become one of the most popular recently published manga in the United States.
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Basic Information

Place / locationNYCC is held annually in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, at 655 West 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan. The building is massive, boasting 840,000 square feet of space to be filled with booths and panels for fans to explore all weekend long.
Length of eventThe convention takes place over a long weekend of four days - this year it will run from Thursday October 6th, through Sunday October 9th.

A 1-Day Pass for Thursday is $40, while a 1-Day Pass for any other day was $50. A 3-Day Pass is $85, and a pass for the entire convention cost $115. According to their webpage, tickets are sold out as of June 9th, except for 1-Day passes for Thursday.

Hotels & Transportation There are plenty of Hotels in New York City, depending upon your budget and distance you are willing to travel to get to the convention. If you’re looking for convenience and have the money to spend, booking a hotel nearby in Midtown may be worth the convenience. However, if you’re on a budget it may be cheaper to stay in Brooklyn or Queens, and travel in. NYCC has a list of official hotels here.

There are many options for transportation in NYC to get to the Javits Center, depending on your budget. If you are close enough, you can walk there - otherwise try to book a room near a convenient train or bus, unless you have the money for a cab! The convention center has a comprehensive list of options for transportation on their website here.

EstablishedNYCC debuted 10 years ago at the Javits Convention Center as a smaller sister convention to the famous annual San Diego Comic Con. The first year was a tremendous success, and the convention has only grown more popular since.

What to Expect

  • For those of you who have never been to a convention before, and even those that have - NYCC is huge, and extremely crowded because of all it has to offer. If you want to get there for one of the earlier panels, be sure to arrive well before-hand to get in on time.
  • NYCC has a wide variety of different panels, booths, and activities - as the convention has grown, so have they! Because of this, it is impossible for one person to see everything the convention has to offer in a weekend. I cannot stress this enough: If you want to get the most out of your weekend, plan ahead - figure out what you want to see and do, make a schedule and bring it with you.
  • The convention is an international event with people from all over - many of whom you will share passions and interests with! While you may go there with old friends, it is also an excellent opportunity to make new ones.

What to Bring in Order to Enjoy Oneself

  • Your badge
    - This is probably the most important thing, but also the easiest to forget. Don’t leave without it.
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes
    - You’ll be on your feet a lot.
  • A good backpack
    - You’re going to want something comfortable to carry both the things you bring with you, and the things you buy.
  • Maps
    - Whether you print one off, or save one on your phone, it’s good to have a map of the city, and the convention center on you to get around easily.
  • Schedule
    - I know I said this before, but make yourself a schedule of all the events you want to go to before you head in, and bring it with you! It will help you to make sure you don’t miss out.
  • Snacks and water
    - you’ll want to be able to refuel on the go.
  • Camera
    - to take pictures of your favorite booths, and awesome cosplays. Be sure to ask before taking pictures of people, no matter how cool their outfit is!
  • Cash
    - bring only as much as you want to spend. The artists alley is a dangerous place for your wallet.
  • Back-up charger
    - Having an extra charger or back up battery for your cell phone is never a bad idea, especially when you might be draining your battery taking pictures and videos and still want to be able to call your friends to meet up when the day is over.
  • A positive attitude
    - NYCC can get crowded, sometimes you’ll have to wait in line or accidentally bump into people, but it’s a much better experience for everyone when people are friendly and polite to one another!
honey-happy4 New York Comic Con Pre-Show Coverage
Woo Hoo! NYCC! We're very excited to be attending this year's con!
honey-happy4 New York Comic Con Pre-Show Coverage
That's right! It's going to be so much fun. I can't wait to see all the booth babes! Hehe
honey-happy4 New York Comic Con Pre-Show Coverage
Booth babes!!
honey-happy4 New York Comic Con Pre-Show Coverage
Not you, too!?!
New York Comic Con Official Website:
honey-happy4 New York Comic Con Pre-Show Coverage


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