Nightmare School Anime EVIL OR LIVE Reveals Preview & Screenshots for Episode 6: Further Into Darkness!

What You Need to Know:

  • Check out the preview for the next episode of EVIL OR LIVE as well as screenshots!
  • Episode 6: Further Into Darkness
  • Wanting the cell phone that Wudou has snuck into the school, Akane and her group team up with Wudou’s henchmen and start to bully Hibiki. However, at just the right moment, Shin appears. They succeed in getting away from the group and hole themselves up in the boy’s bathroom. Chasing after them, Shiori, Akane, and Hoku actually are the ones who end up getting cornered. Shin presses Hibiki to take a naked photo of the girls. There, Hibiki decides to…

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honeys anime character
Doooooooooooo etttttttttt. Then, send me a copy for... er... research purposes. How else am I going to become a better animator?

honeys anime character
He wouldn't actually... No matter how evil he is pretending to be... there is no... I mean... really?