Nine Parchments Out Now on Nintendo Switch and Windows

What You Need to Know:

  • Frozenbyte has released spellcasting co-op action game Nine Parchments on Nintendo Switch, available today on Nintendo eShop in the US and Europe, as well as on Windows, available from Steam, Humble Store and GOG. The game will be priced at $19.99 / 19.99 €.
  • The Nintendo Switch version of Nine Parchments runs at 1080p/30fps docked and 720p/30fps undocked. The game supports local and online co-op with up to four players, as well as Local Wireless Play. One Joy-Con support is included as well.
  • The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases are also planned for December, with exact dates to be announced at a later time. Look forward to our very own write up soon!

Source: Official Press Release

About Nine Parchments

Nine Parchments is a co-operative blast 'em up game of magical mayhem from Frozenbyte!

Runaway apprentice wizards seize the opportunity to complete their spellbooks by going after the lost Nine Parchments. As the would-be wizards rapidly acquire powerful new spells without learning proper safety measures, it's natural their hasty progress results in plenty of deadly accidents...

Nine Parchments combines real-time spell-shooting action with RPG elements - level up your character and collect magical loot, filling your wardrobe with a myriad of wizard hats and powerful staves.

Key Features

  • Dozens of spells for you to discover and master
  • Unlock new playable characters with quests
  • Find fashionable Hats and powerful Staves
  • Level up and improve your characters with their Skill Trees
  • Resurrection and Friendly Fire: Help and hinder your friends
  • Battle strange creatures and mighty bosses in the beautiful Trine world
  • Online and local co-op with 1-4 players
  • Official Trailer

    Nine Parchments Launch Trailer

    honeys anime character
    Reminds me of Gauntlet Legends!

    honeys anime character
    I'll definitely give this a shot. The demo played pretty well and the price seems solid.

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