Not the Front Row Seat You Would Take – Mieruko-chan Volume 2

Can You See Me?
  • Mangaka : Izumi, Tomoki
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Comedy, Horror, Supernatural
  • Published : November 2020 - Ongoing

After attempting to ward off spirits with beads and ending up in failure. Mieruko-chan continues her days, pretending to ignore the presences of grotesque specters. Of course, the heroine of this story isn’t willing to give up in search of a solution to free herself from this ability. It isn’t just the phantoms and ghosts she has to avoid, but a girl named Yuria.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Ahhh. It is good to be back to review the second volume of Mieruko-chan. If you are reading this review, can you check what is behind you? There could be a spirit interested in this article. He-he-he. Back to the topic at hand, this volume carries a lot of development compared to the previous volume. The intensity of encountering spirits is off the charts and surprisingly, they look incredible, and let’s just say they do possess strong personalities. Last but not least, a new competitor has entered the arena!

Why You Should Read Mieruko-chan

1. Spirits, Anyone?

After going through the failures of finding a way to ward off evil spirits, Mieruko’s days couldn’t get any worse. Hana, Mieruko’s best friend, has her usual
happy go lucky personality that attracts unwanted attention from all sorts of evil spirits and has them consume each other to make their presences a little bit overkill for Mieruko.

Compared to the previous volume, the new monsters introduced in this story gave a strong and hostile atmosphere and the small details they carried histories and capabilities they possess. The best spirit so far is when Mieruko and Hana visit the shrine. They even got a good shot out of it.

Aside from Hana, Julia is a new character introduced in this volume. Like Mieruko, Julia can see spirits. However, the problem with Julia not keeping herself a low profile like Mieruko and her ability is not on par as Mieruko’s.

2. Well Balanced

Although the comedy in this series focuses on the difficulties Mieruko had to face by pretending she couldn’t see them and keeping herself calm as possible, there are some chapters or scenes that held deep meanings when it comes to life and morals. Such scenes occur when Mieruko encounters new people and old ones from volume 1.

3. Next Level Selfie

Hey, we need you to stand right in the middle of the dark long tunnel there. A bit to the left so that you are surrounded by a few small spirits and a 3-meter tall monster with a bunch of limbs stuck in a barrel eating others. There we go! See? It wasn’t so bad. Why are your legs shaking? It isn’t so bad- what in the world is that?!

Taking selfies or photos is the main medium in these chapters and serves to remind readers of the culture students to have nowadays. It wouldn’t be interesting when there is something photobombing you. Seriously, don’t do that in real life. It is rude and always be aware of your surroundings.

Why You Should Skip Mieruko-chan

1. Cannibalism

Okay. The phantoms in this volume somehow learn cannibalism as if it is a new trend of something in their world. Anywho, their process of killing or eating each other is a little too graphic, so if you are not a fan of that, you might need to sit this one out. Anyone can be sensitive to some things in life, so please respect and be considerate of their views and feelings.

Final Thoughts

Mieruko-chan Volume 2 is funny and wholesome with a lot of things going on outside of ordinary humans’ perceptions. Mieruko may experience failure after failure, but she has taken another step closer to know the purpose of her ability by meeting new people and spirits during her search and her experience in school and daily life. Some chapters hold deep meanings of their own and we can use those views to appreciate the things in life instead of taking things for granted. However, some scenes might make readers uncomfortable such as gore and cannibalism. So, if you want to read a manga about a schoolgirl trying to get through her life while hiding her ability to see spirits in a comedic way, you might want to give this series a go. If you do read this manga, which spirit is your favorite and why? Leave them down in the comments below!

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