Nyko Unveils Its Latest in Nintendo Switch and Gear VR Accessories

What You Need to Know:

  • Nyko Technologies today revealed its latest in power and protective accessories for the Nintendo Switch™.
  • Standout products include Power Pak, a battery pack that doubles the battery life of the console, Power Shell Case, a protective case that both stores the console and game cards and includes a battery back for extra power, and Charge Block for Joy-Con™, a drop-and-charge solution that’s compatible with Nyko’s existing line of Charge Blocks.
  • Nyko’s E3 lineup also includes PlayPad VR, a new licensed wireless controller for Samsung Gear VR with Controller, and Modular Charge Station for PlayStation®4 Slim and Pro. Nyko’s Nintendo Switch accessories are now available for pre-order on Amazon.com. Select products will be available at GameStop, GameStop.com, and Walmart, and the entire lineup will be available online at Nyko.com and Amazon.com later this year. We'll leave you with some previews down below!

Source: Official Nyko Press Release

Product Screenshots

Nintendo Switch Portable Docking Kit

Nintendo Switch Power Shell Case

Nintendo Switch Charge Block

Nintendo Switch Thin Case

honeys anime character
All of these accessories especially the thin case look awesome!

honeys anime character
Yeah that thin case looks snazzy! I'd totally buy that!

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