One Piece: Ace’s Story Gives Us the Amount of Ace That We Were Deprived Of

One Piece: Ace’s Story Gives Us the Amount of Ace That We Were Deprived Of
  • Mangaka : Sho Hinata
  • Publisher : SHONEN JUMP
  • Genre : Shounen, Action
  • Published : May 2020

Introduction (No Spoilers)

Nobody likes being given too little information. Especially so if it is an amazing story about a great adventure. However, we don’t always have the opportunity or the time to tell each and every detail of the story. Such is the case for One Piece, an undeniable masterpiece. The pirate world has vastly expanded that a single chapter no longer has enough space to tell everything. As a result, most of the other characters’ stories, no matter how great it is, are left untold. Fortunately, there are other media to tell us these stories. One Piece: Ace’s Story is a perfect example of that.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

One Piece has introduced us to Ace, a reliable and cool older brother, but even before we have enough of him, the series has already taken him away from us. Needless to say, we still thirst to hear more about this dastardly refreshing flamey dude. We’re not gonna lie, up to this moment, we are still grieving Ace’s death. We know that plenty of you guys are grieving with us. As such, having a light novel, which is entirely focused on the adventures of our half-naked big brother together with the first official crew member of the Spades Pirates, Masked Deuce, is a gift we can never reject.

Why You Should Read One Piece: Ace’s Story

1. A Glimpse of Ace’s Brotherly Love

We know how much Ace adores Luffy in the manga- it’s a lot. He has bragged and has always been proud of Luffy every time he is featured. In addition to that, he also makes sure to look after the Strawhat Pirates when he has the chance. One Piece: Ace’s Story gives us further insight as to how much Ace loves Luffy. Every time he mentions Luffy’s name or reminisces their memories together, there is always a smile or a grin plastered on his face. If only… We can only sigh.

2. It Tells the Tale of How Ace Got His Devil Fruit Powers

It is of no secret that Ace holds the power of the Flame-Flame Fruit. In fact, he has already used its power the first time he meets up with Luffy and the entire Strawhat Pirates’ crew. However, we have no idea as to how and when did he actually acquire the power. Well, we’ve just received the answer to this question, and the way he got it is pretty similar to the way Luffy got his.

3. Heated Fire Fist Action

Ace undoubtedly belongs on the higher tiers when it comes to strength. He even once exhibits his monstrous strength by sinking multiple Baroque Works ships with a single attack. However, that is as much action as we can get from the manga. Reading One Piece: Ace’s Story definitely gives us that Fire Fist action which we long longed for. In fact, parts two and three of the novel are jam-packed with fights and action. As a bonus, we also get to see how the Spades Pirates operate and fight.

Why You Should Skip One Piece: Ace’s Story

1. Contains Some Grammar Errors and Awkward Phrasings

Since it is an official release, we expect the light novel to be flawless. However, there are multiple occasions of missing words, mispunctuating, wrong usage of subject-verb agreement, and awkward phrasings. The errors are not really grave enough to affect your reading, but they do occur at least once in every page.

2. The First Person Is Not Ace

After hearing that One Piece will have a light novel telling the adventures of Ace, which is even titled One Piece: Ace’s Story, we expect the story to be told either in third person or in Ace’s point of view. However, color us surprised when we discover that that is not the case. The whole saga is told by a total nobody who even does not trust anybody to give out a name. To make it worse, it is an entitled prick who does not know better. On the other hand, that just leaves more room for character development.

Final Thoughts

One Piece: Ace’s Story is by no means perfect. It has its flaws mainly in the grammar category.. Nonetheless, it does not fail to deliver what it promised--tell the saga of Ace’s adventures after sailing into the rough seas. It successfully warms our heart and quenches our thirst to know everything about One Piece a little bit. If you are a One Piece fan, then you will definitely find this light novel lovely. We know because we did.

One-Piece-Ace’s-Story-manga-wallpaper-700x368 One Piece: Ace’s Story Gives Us the Amount of Ace That We Were Deprived Of


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