Ongaku Shoujo Gets Episode Count

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Onagku-Shoujo-Music-Girls-300x450 Ongaku Shoujo Gets Episode Count

Onagku-Shoujo-Music-Girls-300x450 Ongaku Shoujo Gets Episode Count

Ongaku Shoujo

Idol, Music

Airing Date:
July 7 2018

Studio Deen

Honey’s Highlights

Onagku-Shoujo-Music-Girls-300x450 Ongaku Shoujo Gets Episode Count
The Love Live! of summer is here! Eek! I am so exicted for a new idol anime!
Onagku-Shoujo-Music-Girls-300x450 Ongaku Shoujo Gets Episode Count
Slow your roll. There's 2 PVs. Let's see a few episodes before start comparing it to Love Live. I want to see if it's like a great idol show or if it's like Action Heroine Cheer Friuts.
Onagku-Shoujo-Music-Girls-300x450 Ongaku Shoujo Gets Episode Count
Hey! I liked AHCF! I liked Idol Jihen too!
Onagku-Shoujo-Music-Girls-300x450 Ongaku Shoujo Gets Episode Count
I did too, but the theme and style were very different. The singles these girls are putting out are catchy though.

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11 girls are members of the idol unit Ogaku Shoujo from PINE RECORDS. They are Haru Chitose, Eri Kumagai, Sarasa Ryuuou, Kiri Mukae, Uori Mukae, Sasame Mitsukuri, Miku Nishio, Hiyo Yukino, Shupe Gushiken, Kotoko Kintoki, and Roro Morooka.

However, Ongaku Shoujo is a C-tier idol group that aren’t selling at all. Lying low and doing nothing but creating a deficit, the members of Ongaku Shoujo work desperately with their producer Ikehashi.

Ikehashi feels that Ongaku Shoujo needs new members. In order to become a success, they need a push! Which is why they are holding auditions nonstop. Then one day, Ongaku Shoujo meets the main character of this story, Hanako…

Characters & Voice Actors List

Hanako Yamadaki

Voice Actor: Seria Fukagawa

Sasame Mitsukuri

Voice Actor: Karin Takahashi

Age: 15
Height: 152cm
Grade: Third-year middle school student.
Special Skills/Favorite Thing: She has a pet crayfish named Val. She loves mishaps unexpected things.
Not Good At: Laid-back people. Quiet times.
Character Color: Purple
Sasame is a sophisticated glasses girl. She wears glasses, but they don’t have lenses. She’s quick to play with the frames of her glasses with her fingers. She is brimming with curiosity and has fun even when things go wrong. Hanako seems to have trouble happen around her, which is why Sasame has a keen interest in her. She’s frequently seen with Hanako and understands her the best.

Miku Nishio

Voice Actor: Miho Okazaki

Age: 17
Height: 155cm
Grade: Second-year high school student.
Special Skills/Favorite Thing: Her special skill is dancing. Miku’s hobby is traveling all over Japan eating local deep-fried food. If she has even the smallest moment of down time, she tries to eat deep-fried food.
Not Good At: People who waste food.
Character Color: Yellow
Miku’s nickname is ‘Oniku-chan’ and is a chubby, marshmallow girl. She has chestnut colored, soft hair, her skin is white, she has long eyelashes, and has a refreshing look. She’s an agile dancer and started dancing because she wanted to lose weight. However, dancing makes her hungry, so she ends up eating heartily after dancing frequently. She adores Uori’s cooking and calls her ‘Chef-chan’. Miku has a habit of mistakenly calling Ikehashi, ‘Ikebashi’.

Hiyo Yukino

Voice Actor: Yuuko Oono

Age: 13
Height: 145cm
Grade: First-year middle school student.
Special Skills/Favorite Thing: Nothing (Actually, it’s music).
Not Good At: Nothing.
Character Color: Dark Red
Hiyo is a gifted, genius young girl with an IQ over 200. She found her elementary school’s classes boring, so she became a truant. Currently, she attends a school for the gifted. Hiyo only needs to see something once to understand it, so she has no interest in trying to memorize things and doesn’t make an effort to remember things on purpose. She normally is wearing headphones and distances herself slightly from others. She seemed to only have an interest in music. However, one day her parents, worried about her future, began to make her perform. Shupe is always take care of Hiyo’s skin and hair. Hiyo doesn’t mind it, though.

Shupe Gushiken

Voice Actor: Miyuri Shimabukuro

Age: 16
Height: 160cm
Grade: First-year high school student.
Special Skills/Favorite Thing: Makeup
Not Good At: Actors and actresses who post no makeup selfies on Instagram.
Character Color: Brown
Even though she is from Okinawa, her face with no makeup is incredibly plain. When she does apply makeup, she appears to be a completely different person. To say something good about her personality, she is very tolerant. However, her bad point is that she’s really lax. Her mother is a makeup artist. She was greatly moved when she saw a girl with the same plain face as hers on TV working as a shining idol. Thus, she dreamed of becoming an idol herself. She loves to do her own makeup, but she also loves to do others’ as well. She’s beautiful and noisy. In her sweet lifestyle, she often forgets to wear clothes.

Roro Morooka

Voice Actor: Nako Eguchi

Age: 18
Height: 140cm
Grade: Third-year high school student.
Special Skills/Favorite Thing: Her hobby is making pickled food.
Not Good At: Electrical devices. People who gossip.
Character Color: Green.
Roro is an 18-year-old girl who looks nothing like her age as she looks to be about 10 years old. She was raised by her grandmother, and as such, her knowledge and favorite things are a bit outdated. When she gets sick, she wraps onions around her throat and stretches the skin of a picked plum across her forehead.

Kotoko Kintoki

Voice Actor: Lynn

Age: 16
Height: 168cm
Grade: Second-year high school student
Special Skills/Favorite Thing: Her hobby is collecting stamps. Her special skill is her management smile.
Dislikes: Giant boobs
Character Color: Orange
Kotoko is the leader of Ongaku Shoujo. She’s got a long history in show business because she got her start as a newborn model. She’s got an amazing figure. Kotoko has the most common sense out of all of the other members and is like an older sister to everyone. Because she has been in showbiz since she was a baby, she is starting to forget who exactly she is. She secretly has low self-esteem. Kotoko is the oldest daughter in her family and has a lot of brothers but feels as if she is the backbone and needs to earn money for their sake! She insists that she has invisible aura boobs and claims that only those who can sense auras can see them.

Uori Mukae

Voice Actor: Yui Ogura

Age: 14
Height: 158cm
Grade: Second-year middle school student.
Special Skills/Favorite Thing: Her hobby is being an idol. Her special skill is being an idol. She can sing and dance. Her real skill though is cooking.
Not Good At: Uncooperative people.
Character Color: Navy Blue
Uori is Kiri’s younger sister. She’s the quintessential idol. She really does want to become successful in showbiz. She is the staple center of Ongaku Shoujo. She does her best every day. Uori is an excellent chef and can perfectly meet all of Mirai’s bizarre requests for food. She originally took up cooking to help strengthen her older sister Kiri who has a weak constitution. She loves her older sister. However, somewhere in her heart she feels that her sister could not be an idol if it wasn't for her. She butts heads with Hanako at every turn and cannot understand her thought process at all. She has a habit of speaking her mind without thinking.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Eien Shounen by Yui Ogura

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Studio Deen/King Records
  • Director: Yukio Nishimoto
  • Script: Deco Akao
  • Series Composition: Deco Akao
  • Character Design: Momoko Komatsu

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