[Otaku Hot Spot] Tokyo Video Gamers in Akihabara

Summer 2020 saw the loss of some really ironic buildings in Tokyo’s most famous otaku and electronics district, Akihabara. But it’s not all bad news! At the end of August, a brand new bar and restaurant opened up just a short walk from Akihabara Station, and it’s one definitely worth stopping at any time of the day if you’re a gamer. That’s right, the latest addition to Akihabara’s selection of otaku and nerd-themed eateries is Tokyo Video Gamers!

With a menu offering food, soft drinks, alcohol, and even a virgin cocktail alongside the chance to play a bunch of video games in a cool space, Tokyo Video Gamers is a welcome addition to Akihabara. The bar just opened and we already really want to go, so keep reading to find out all the details about this new otaku hot spot.

Tokyo Video Gamers Info

Location Address
13−113-1 SEEKBASE 1-9, Chiyoda City, Kanda Neribeicho, Tokyo, 101-0022

Nearest train line(s)
“Akihabara Station” - JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, JR Chuo-Sobu Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

Cost of Admission Food and Drink
Hours of Operation Time and days
11:00 - 23:00 (last order 22:30)

Official Website
https://www.tokyovideogamers.com/ (Japanese only)

The Experience

Bar1-560x373 [Otaku Hot Spot] Tokyo Video Gamers in Akihabara

Tokyo Video Gamers has a big menu to offer, with all of the usual alcoholic beverages to enjoy. That’s not what will keep you coming back, though. Tokyo Video Gamers has something a lot of “gaming” bars with a couple of arcade machines in the corner do not have - they have official licensing. That means that their products, drinks, and games are all there with the backing of the game companies that own them. Tokyo Video Gamers thus has a sizeable menu of official collaboration drinks, including one non-alcoholic one. These drinks are all served with a novelty coaster and in a special glass that matches the theme of the game you choose! Games from SEGA, SNK, and more are all represented.

Bar1-560x373 [Otaku Hot Spot] Tokyo Video Gamers in Akihabara

Beyond the huge drink menu, Tokyo Video Gamers also has a decent selection of Japanese food, too. One of the biggest selling points is its extremely affordable lunch menu, with prices around ¥5USD for some dishes. That gives you some extra cash to splurge on a collaboration drink on the side or a souvenir from the shop. If you’re able to go earlier in the day, you can get a good meal and a drink for cheaper than most other themed cafes and bars - and you can play some video games, too!

Speaking of the video games, we have great news about them - all of the arcade machines and other games are free to play as long as you bought something! Plus the staff are happy to play against you if you’re looking for a bit of real-life competition. Talk about a cool job! Be sure to check out any promotions that may be running as well; when Tokyo Video Gamers first opened, they were offering a free drink to anyone who could get the new high score on Space Invaders. Challenge accepted!

Additional info

Like many concept cafes in Japan, Tokyo Video Gamers offers some free prizes when you order! Any collaboration drink your order comes with a free coaster, and since Tokyo Video Gamers is officially licensed, that means the goods are legitimate ones. Just a few of the current ones you have a chance to get are from King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Fantasy Zone, Guilty Gear, and more. And of course, you can take them home as a reminder of your trip! Don’t forget to snap a picture, too, since all the collaboration drinks are served in a special glass that matches the drink.

Bar1-560x373 [Otaku Hot Spot] Tokyo Video Gamers in Akihabara

Not only is Tokyo Video Gamers a bar and restaurant, it also has a small shop inside! Most of the goods are from the same companies that the drinks and coasters represent, so if you like those titles you can get some extra merchandise. You can even grab the special glasses that the drinks are served in if you loved yours! The shop also makes it worth stopping by Tokyo Video Gamers even if you aren’t hungry, just to check out the vibe and browse the store. We really do recommend at least grabbing a drink, though, so you have a chance to play some of the games while you’re there!

Final Thoughts

Akihabara already has so many choices for otaku to eat and drink with its countless themed restaurants and maid cafes. Tokyo Video Gamers is worth a stop all the same, though, with it’s officially licensed goods and collaboration drinks. Plus it’s got great prices compared to other themed bars and restaurants, especially if you can stop by at lunch. Serving up good food and good vibes, Tokyo Video Gamers offers visitors to Akihabara a chill place to take a break, make some friends, and of course, play some games! Don’t forget to stop at the shop on your way out, too.

Have you been to Tokyo Video Gamers yet? What did you think? Are you going to add it to your Tokyo itinerary for the next time you are in the city? Drop a comment before you leave!

Bar1-560x373 [Otaku Hot Spot] Tokyo Video Gamers in Akihabara


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